Resistance Tube Exercises – Upper Back Strengthening for Women

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Physical Therapist guided upper middle back strengthening exercises using resistance tubes. These 4 resistance tube exercises help you improve your posture and strengthen your upper back, shoulder and arm muscles from Please scroll down for written exercise technique and tips for these 4 resistance tube exercises.

Benefits of Resistance Tube Exercises for Upper Back Strengthening

Strengthening your back using resistance tubes can have many potential benefits:

*Improved upright posture for sitting and standing
*Stronger back muscles for prolonged sitting e.g. computer work
*Better management of painful upper back, neck and shoulder conditions related to poor posture

Resistance Tube Exercises Set Up

1. Tie your resistance tube around a door handle (door closed) or to a fixed point around waist height
2. Move away from the door handle to create an appropriate amount of tension in the resistance tubes
3. Start using light resistance to reduce your risk of injury

Correct Posture for Resistance Tube Exercises

*Lengthen your spine to stand tall
*Relax your neck and shoulders
*Soften your knees (reduces pressure on your lower back)

Resistance Tube Exercise 1: Low Row

Benefits of Low Row Exercises
Low Row exercise strengthens the middle back, back of arms, shoulders and wrists

Technique for Low Row Exercise

*Pull the handles of the resistance tubes back towards your abdomen
*Keep your palms facing your trunk as you bend your elbows
*Squeeze both shoulder blades together and raise your chest (sternum) forwards and upwards as you pull back on the resistance tubes
*Slowly release the tubes as you extend your arms in front of your body

Exercise Tips

*Keep your neck and upper shoulders relaxed throughout this exercise
*If you feel your neck muscles tensing reduce the resistance by moving closer to the door
*Grip on the resistance tubes gently

Resistance Tube Exercise 2: Rotator Cuff

Benefits of Rotator Cuff Exercises

Strengthen the back of shoulders, upper/middle back and wrists

Technique for Rotator Cuff Exercises

*Stand facing the door handle holding the handles of your resistance tubes
*Move back away from the door with your bent elbows at right angles
*Keep your palms facing inwards and your elbows against your waist
*Commence using light tension on the resistance tubes
*Move your forearms apart as you increase resistance on the tubes
*Squeeze both shoulder blades together and raise your chest (sternum) forwards as you move your forearms outward
*Slowly return your forearms to your starting position and release the tension on the tubes

Exercise Tips

*Stay relaxed through your neck and shoulders as you move your forearms
*If you’re prone to shoulder problems stand close to the door handle, use light strength resistance tubing, low repetitions to start with and stay within your pain free range of movement

Resistance Tube Exercise 3: Triceps Push Down

Benefits of Triceps Push Down Exercises

Strengthen and tone your upper arms, middle back and wrists

Exercise Technique

*Stand facing the door handle
*Move back from the door with both elbows bent at right angles
*Keep your palms facing each other and your elbows fixed against your waist throughout
*Start out using light tension on the resistance tubes
*Keep your upper arms in contact with both sides of your trunk
*Extend your elbows and move your forearms down towards your thighs
*Keep your palms facing inwards and your thumbs upwards towards the ceiling
*Raise your chest forwards and slightly upwards as you extend your forearms down
*Slowly release the resistance on the tubes as you return your forearms to starting position

Exercise Tips

*Keep your trunk upright throughout this exercise
*Keep your neck and upper shoulders relaxed
*If you feel your neck muscles tensing use lighter resistance tubes
*Extend your elbows within your comfortable range only

Resistance Tube Exercise 4: Combination Low Row and Triceps Pushdown Exercises

Strengthen upper back, shoulders, backs of upper arms and wrists

Exercise Technique

*Set up as for Exercise 1 Low Row
*Perform the first part of the action outlined for Exercise 1 Low Row pulling the resistance tubes towards your so that your elbows are at right angles
*Keeping your elbows tucked into your waist, next extend your forearms to move the tubes down towards your thighs as for Exercise 3
*Release the tension on your tubes as you bend your elbows back to right angles
*Return back to starting position by extending your elbows and straightening your arms

Exercise Tips

This is a progression exercise from the previous exercises so attend to good posture and remaining relaxed through your neck and shoulders throughout

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Dear through this can i fix carrying angle of my elbow

Julianna Okike says:

Squats and arm resistance training

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Thank you very much. Where else we can attach it for those of us who don't have that kind of door handle?

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This is clear and the exercises are well explained. I don't understand the thumbs down but thank you.

Shabir Ahmed says:

Please do a video on man pelvic exercises. Thanks

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No more expensive gym fees

Jacob Thompson says:

I also do this workout too.

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How do u adjust your knees I'm not really sure if I'm locking them up is there a way to fix that or understand how to stand a certain was when standing to not lock them? Thank you

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I’m not sure how to attach the tube/band to a door knob or perhaps I don’t have the correct knob.

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Rehabing my back after thoracic strain

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Thank you very much for your videos doctor…. really helpful for many people

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Would these be safe to start 6 weeks after a total hysterectomy and anterior repair (no sling) for a grade 2 bladder prolapse?

Garlic Girl says:

Excellent! My physical therapist said "we" need to build our upper back as we age or rather maintain the strength. I have a band and will try these!

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