Rotator Cuff Exercises

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A demonstration of rotator cuff exercises, presented by one of our Physiotherapists, Jason Crow.
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Silverback Silverback says:

The external rotation is so painful on my shoulde what should I do please help

Dave Williams says:

How many sets?
How many reps?

Hasselnöt says:

Best video on the issue so far..

Donavan McDabb says:

Every rep I hear popping and clicking.

Louise Taube says:

Brisy! I love Birsy!

blueshifter says:

Reps? Sets? Volume?

samprati jain says:

I was fearful before going to gym and injuringy shoulder , being really cautious . But , while bench pressing I felt some pain on rotator cuff (right shoulder) and the pain just won't go.
After seeing your video I'll do some exercises and let's hope for a good recovery . Thanks for sharing .

joel franco says:

So let’s say even if u tore u can workout after a few weeks right ? Just mild n bands body work maybe preferred cause I cnt just do nothing

Abhi G says:

I have a pinch pain in shoulder when ever i do bench press, bicep curls anything related to shoulder movements, just wondering if it would help with that? Thanks.

NICA Physical Therapy Sport & Rehab says:

Have you seen the newer protocols which changes the bands anchor position lower for ext rot and higher for int rot to better engage the rotator cuff muscles.

Gary Miles says:

Ok this is a great video and helpful

Harsha Singhal says:

Hi I am a badminton athlete and I have a level 1 slap tear which is small ,can it be healed with in 20 to 25 days perfectly cause I have to go for a tournament or should I rest ? Please suggest me as soon as possible.
Thank you

Super Abir says:

for how long should we continue the exercises ??

F. U. C says:

It is hard to determine the right position in the first exercise. Is it directly in front of his left hand? Or is it at an angle? Wish there was another shot of this or more info about how to position yourself relative to where it is tied. OH just realized that was not supposed to be one of the exercises. I’m so stupid and I hate myself right now

Bradley Hughes says:

Do you need a resistance band, can an object like a light weight be good for this sort of thing?

Narice Ferguson says:

I do contortion and I over stretched my shoulder nothing too bad. it's been a few days of healing and I just started this . let me tell you it feels fantastic .. I just started and I already feel like there's a tiny massage in my shoulder ☺️☺️☺️☺️ thank you so much dude !!! Do you have any videos for healing hamstrings

Tooway says:

except for not mentioning how often and reps, thank you so much, this will help me alot

Jack Diamond says:

so do all of them? pick a few? rep and set range?

givinica says:

! have just tried it and it works. My shoulders feel friking great. Thank you very much!

Mike Love Thyself says:

I popped my shoulder then a day later it popped out in my sleep 😩

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