Rotator Cuff Shoulder Pain: Exercise is as effective as surgery.

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Dr. Jeremy Lewis PhD, FCSP, Consultant Physiotherapist and Professor of Musculoskeletal Research (@JeremyLewisPT) talks about rotator cuff shoulder pain, including issues relating to the shoulder special tests, medical imaging and research that reports that, for most people, exercise is as effective as surgery.

To find out more about Dr. Jeremy Lewis:
Twitter: @JeremyLewisPT

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FXNL Media says:

For the latest research and treatments for rotator cuff pain, check out the full 40 minute interview with Dr. Lewis:

Kozaku Shirogane says:

I woke up with it and it hurts so bad I mean the pain is bearable but it hurts so much you just want to tear off your arm please if anyone has any suggestions of what not and what to do please feel free to comment

jess1 smith says:

Exercise is NOT as suitable as surgery.

Andrija Andrija says:

After the introduction, it feels cool to have a shoulder.

nievesl315 says:

My aunt normally get up each and every morning having a low back pain. I suggested her to follow this particular lower back pain guidebook known as “Bαkοnοz Kοnο” (Google it) and then in the following day, she has observed great advancements. The guideline has really amazed her. .

Feuertaufe says:

for anyone below the age of 60 no surgery is needed for shoulder inpigements

runnerRN says:

All you need is the exercise in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff and you'll be done with rotator cuff problems for good.

malmotu motu says:

I had a friend that his son always have problems with his shoulder,as he was playing prop in rugby.I start to think he was a shook,as everyone time the physio say he can play,he goes in and come out with the same injury.So the physio has to tell him to rest again.Usually rest for more than 4 weeks.One time he was only injured for one week then the following week,he was playing and to my surprise I thought he was not injured at all.I asked father,what happened that he last this game.He told me that a friend told him that his son was looking at having to operated on the should until this friend of his asked if he could have a look.He moved it around and massage it and told him his son can play in two weeks and since then have no shoulder issues.So this guy told me he took his son to the same traditional healer and that’s why he is good as the physio only say its the AC join and need rest.Since then my boys have shoulder injuries to and straight away I take them to this guy.The physio says rest for at least 4 weeks,the guy said once the bruise is good after icing them it’s all good as he has put back the tendons and muscles to their right positions.And the good thing is he does not accept payments as he believes it’s a gift given to his family to help others! I agree with this guy above,most just assume,but the guy I take my kids to move the shoulder around and feel the tendons and muscles even though it’s so painful .When I first took my son there,The doc say it’s not dislocated but slightly of by 5 mill but just rest and ice. I took him to this guy,and my son has not able to move the shoulder for a 3 days.The guy fiddle with it and all of a sudden he said to wait for the pop,the shoulder pop in and my son could rotate his shoulder as normal as it used to be.He told us to keep icing for the bruising to finish and play in two weeks,and it has been fantastic but he recommended to tape it

PhuckHue2 says:

I tore mine that fucker hurt like a son of a bitch. I couldn't lift my fucking arm

Ehtesham Raja says:

Where's the excercise???

Alan Spring says:

Thank you, seriously damaged my rotator cuff in a auto accident and after much pain with typical physical therapy I decided to not have surgery and work with a little bit heavier weights a little bit a time and got my shoulder back to 90%, after falling off of my motorcycle and hitting my shoulder yes the same one here I am again but improving much with exercise and so don't give up.

Robert Hall says:

I had my shoulder replaced a year ago .Now it's worse then it was a first

Scott Meech says:

and you dont supply or even recommend an exercise regime? WTF?

The right honourable Matty Mc Hoon says:

So let me get this straight i pulled or torn a muscle working out and now i need to work out some more to fix it ???

The right honourable Matty Mc Hoon says:

Ive just come back from the Physio and they told me my rotator cuff was damaged ( which was pretty bloody obvious ) then they gave me a series of exercises. No untrasound or X-ray just these exercises. Started them yesterday went to sleep last night as was in friggin pain most of the night. The pain was on it's way out until i started doing what they suggested.

bgsquiggy says:

What's with the girl exercising like she's training for the Olympics. She doesn't represent people with major shoulder pain. Good Grief.

Jansher Khan says:

i am jansher from pakistan in my problem is my one shoulder is that porblem plez any idey in a besta doctor my number is 03464494423 plez

russell woods says:

This will only agrivate the cuff if there are calcium spurs that need to be removed by surgery- Been der dun dat

Rick Racer says:

Clickbait alert.

dougjstl1 says:

You have to eat right if you don't eat right it'll cause inflammation in the joints and I think that shoulder is one of the first joints to get inflamed next to the knees

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