Say NO to Chicken Legs! | Bodyweight Leg Workout |

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Calisthenicmovement says:

Hey Guys, we hope you like the video. Don't forget: You do every exercise until you reach fatigue, before you continue with the next one.
After you finished all 6 exercices you completed 1 GIANT SET. If you want to do more than 1 Set, rest about 3 Minutes before you start with the next one.
We recommend anything between 1-3 GAINT SETS.

TheGP says:

Anyone can see that in the thumbnail those are the same legs only the picture on the left has been edited to appear that the legs are thin

Arcade Alchemist says:

oi stop letting mongs on Instagram sell them stupid back straps using clips from your video
that doesn't' count as fair use and you should take legal action

JUST_ ICE says:

5:44 dont kill your bird

cashual k says:

I just found this channel and I'm in love. I'm getting more serious about bodyweight training and want to see how fit and toned i can get without the gym. I'm so excited 🙂

TheN1d says:

How many reps do you recommend?

Diego SAGrande says:

Nossa! Este vídeo é um dos meus preferidos. Gostei muito dos exercícios: 1,2,4,5,6.

Mohamed Walid says:

Thanks for these great explanations! May God Bless You 🙏

barış b says:

is it harmful for knees? cuz whenever I do this squats there is a click sound coming outta my knee.

Son Ryuu says:

Working out my legs so that it can look like meruem’s legs!

Rafa Godínez says:

3:16 now at least I know how to break the dancefloor with rasputin

TheSingleGuy says:

I disliked this because the thumbnail was clearly photoshopped

Babyface ATL says:

who the f*** can do this s***?

white ttlove says:

i have 10 pistol squat everyday

Abdullah Khan says:

5:08 we Indians sit like that in toilet

cb says:

I don't get how deep squat is an exercise. For me it is no more difficult than sitting in a chair. Easier than standing upright.

Jamie Alexander says:

Really nice video style 👌

77dris says:

How do you progressively overload these? And for people who are losing weight, their bodyweight (intensity) will go down.

Thrive Integrated Rehabilitation says:

"Bodyweight leg workouts!" 10 seconds in – adds rogue barbell setup.

Zzzz Zzzz says:

I want legs so big that my ballbags can no longer breathe.

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