Scapular Muscle Rehabilitation – PHASE 3 | Shoulder Blade Strengthening Exercises

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Learn more about scapular muscle rehabilitation following injury or surgery here:

Welcome to Dr. Matthew Boes’s Scapular Muscle Rehabilitation video series. Painful irritation can develop in the muscles that attach to the scapula (shoulder blade) as a result of overuse of the arm or after injury/surgery to the shoulder. This video is designed to recondition the muscles around the shoulder blade and help restore normal posture and balance to the shoulder girdle. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 6-8 weeks of performing these exercises before you feel appreciable pain relief around the shoulder. Imbalance in the shoulder muscles usually takes a long time to develop before causing pain, which means it can also take a long time to resolve.

The goal of our Phase 3 program for scapular muscle rehabilitation is to engage in early strengthening exercises. Remember the following as you engage in Phase 3 scapular muscle rehab exercises:
Equipment needed for this program includes elastic resistance bands and/or light dumbbells
Perform exercises 1-2 times daily; if pain or irritation worsens limit exercise sessions to every other day or even every third day
Perform 1-2 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise
Start with lightest resistance exercise band or dumbbell; increase resistance by 1 band or 1 pound every week
Continue Phase 2 exercises
When you are able to do these exercises without significant discomfort, progress to Phase 4

The following scapular muscle strengthening exercises, which are demonstrated in this video, should be conducted during phase 3 of your scapular muscle rehab:

Icing is very important after each therapy session, so be sure to place an ice pack or cooling pad on the affected shoulder for 10 minutes to help limit any irritation from exercise. If the shoulder joint is stiff, try using moist heat for 10 minutes prior to exercise to help loosen things up. Additionally, massage therapy treatments are often helpful to relieve painful muscle spasms.

This video should not be used as a substitute for regular physical therapy visits and guidance from your physician. Only progress from one phase to the next based on recommendation from your physician. Regular physical therapy visits are valuable for giving you feedback on your progress and helping to ensure you are doing exercises properly. If you develop any questions or concerns regarding your condition while using this video, contact your physician. Best of luck in your recovery.
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