Science Says This Is the BEST Quad Strengthening Exercise- MUST SEE THIS!

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Science Says This Is the BEST Quad Strengthening Exercise- MUST SEE THIS!

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Tyler Rago says:

This is the only way I can "wake up" my VMO prior to leg days.

Miskito Ragee says:

I used to have a Cancer and I was struggling to find a good workout much appreciated

Tammy Tooley says:

What to do when you have KNEE Pain??

Ralph Cornwell says:

Please site the study. Thanks

nameunselected says:

My only thought on this is well duh.
You can’t isolate the quad in a compound exercise. If you have a weak quad your glute and hamstring will compensate.
Your pushing strength may be adequate but your quad strength has a chance of being inadequate.
Isolate so you don’t compensate

ampecsu says:

4:26 Brad with the swinging feet lol

Sajani says:

Hi, I actually can't extend my left leg as I have a nerve weakness or femoral neuropathy after a surgery I had. My quad is very weak. I had an EMG done and the neurologist said I have no muscle there.

85nikki96 says:

IMPORTANT–BOB and BRAD PLS ANSWER: My knee hurts when I do the leg extension. when I get two-thirds of the way up. Can they still be done even if you can't get your leg completely extended to zero degrees? (The goal would be to get them to zero degrees.) Simple question: Are they beneficial if you can only go two-thirds up? Or damaging? Thank you!

Sun Dancer says:

When I hurt my knee from lunges (only 5 stationary lunges)…..the knee extension hurt the most on the knee.

No One says:

Which one of you guys can come to my home and set up my PT gym? You can also stay a while to give me lessons 😁👌

Sathya Narayanan says:

Hi I have a mild patellar chondromalacia. Can I do this exercise?

HellStrjfe says:

i tried leg extension once and my knee hurt in next 3 days so no im not gonna do it again.

Jorge Blanco says:

Isn't LAQ contraindicated for ACL

Steve Sturges says:

I'm a fit Master's cyclist who had a collision with a lorry and consequently fractured my skull, suffered a compound fracture of the left radius, and received very deep, to the bone, 6' diagnonal gash just above my knee cap, into the quad, rupturing my quad tendon and a lot of muscle damage. That was Christmas Day and the start 0f 12 days in hospital. March 1st today, and I have 90 degree flexation in that knee but not much strength, though I walk 4-5 km a day.. the doctors have told me to do some weight training in anticipation of returning to cycling in 2 months or so. Anyway, would you suggest this exercise with the quad tendon rupture or stick to closed chain activities ? The tendons around the knee still feel tight, so I'm a little reluctant to really push on at this time.. Thanks for your great videos, I'm following the ones on regaining wrist/forearm strength and flexibility as well, and am getting positive results

MM G says:

I loved this thanks. I also found this format easier to follow and more instructive. It was calm with less moving around, and just more structured. Thanks!

votex 99 says:

What are the best exercise for keeping neck strong and healthy after whiplash and atrophy

Pasquale Esposito says:

…un muscolo bi-articolare, allenato in mono-articolarità, che riesce ad essere il migliore allenamento per il ginocchio…mah…

Luis Yan says:

So informative as always. 🤘

LuckySixes says:

can you link the papers please?

Kruscher76 says:

I never had issues with leg extensions unless I go too heavy. I haven't been doing leg extensions for awhile since I get plenty of quad workouts between the gym and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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