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Designed specifically for patients with spinal cord injuries and others who benefit from seated exercise. The video offers both aerobic and resistance/strength training exercises, and includes safety tips and other guides for an effective workout for better health.

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BeepDoo BopLop says:

I love this! Im a life coach for people with traumatic brain injuries. My whole heart could burst💖

Suzanne MenuetTGB says:

I'm so glad I found this! I've been trying to find videos featuring paraplegics of my capabilities. Most I've found are ones where they get in the floor, or it's able-bodied therapist teaching. Like, how is it helpful if you don't truly know how my body works.
I'm definitely out of shape, but feel confident your videos will help. Hopefully, with more viewing, I won't need as many breaks. Thank you for this!

Hambus Hambone says:

Great video and excellent workout! 4:06

R Levizon says:

Have M.S. – usually do some form of stretching this is great! Thanks! Thanks – for the Helpful Comments I feel quite motivated.

River S says:

This is great for the lockdown!!!

Dreaming outloud says:

Best video!!! Love it.


Inspiring! permission to re upload this to my channel.. thanks!!

Gunjan's Divine Space says:

Such a beautiful woman

Dondra Hendrix says:

I have T8 injury. Haven’t done aerobics in awhile. This video was great.

NoExcuse Workit says:

Your videos really inspired me! daily exercise really does improve day to day mobility for anyone with disability or limited mobility.

Physcio_ Me says:

Wowwwww just try it first time yaah lil difficult but worked awesome also good for weight loss…

lib mitchell says:

thanks for this. i had a hip replacement and am going stir crazy not being able to exercise. I could put my operated leg up on a chair and get a bit of cardio going – so GOOD for my disposition which was getting grumpy and depressed. I enjoyed participating with the participants, feeling and seeing that smile from oxytocin or whatever it is that exercise releases. Thank you.

Lanet Forrest says:

Great video. I am a senior with hip and back issues. The video helped me. Thank you Kaiser!

Love,Peace, Happy says:

How many kcal you lost in this time? That would be interesting and important for Paraplgiker and Tetraplekiker!! Maby someone can answer!! Thank you

Yesenia Cumatz says:

Hi after they amputated my legs I’m in a wheelchair an get to weigh how can I have a body like yours you looks great

Jamilah Howard says:

Suuuper Cool Vid.Super Fun To.

Selvam S says:

This is most superb video for differently abled person

هاجر says:

Thank you so much. That was very helpful.

Sarah Reboucas Reedman says:

How many calories can you roughly burn by doing this?

tara496 says:

Love this video. I have arthritic hips so this is perfect. Please don't ever take this video down. I use it all the time. Thanks

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