Self-Help for Rotator Cuff Injuries

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An interview with John T. Nutting, MD.

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Personal Trainer says:

Try that exercise in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff – its the bestselling rotator cuff book at Amazon

Emilio Echeverria says:

I was at the gym doing incline dumbbell presses and then in my last rep on the way down the muscle gave upp and I could hear my shoulder snap or tear I don’t know can someone help ?

Elias Rodriguez says:

He’s got that Dutch van der Lyn stache

richard michalko says:

must be nice to brag about all the stuff you do..must not work a 45 hr week like the rest of us..

E. H. says:

I got a kick on my shoulder yesterday while kickboxing and I think this guy destroyed my rotator cuff. Is there a way to heal or just surgery?

Wylde Risco says:

I just hurt my rotator cuff in a wrestling match, this info is very helpful

kfc productions says:

So let’s say I was in 9th grade football and messed my rotator up half way through the season and never checked up on it then made it through 10 grade football with a little bit of pain here and there and then wrestling but never got my rotator hurt, and the pain went away for a while and today I woke up at of nowhere and it’s a natural pain, It just started to happen about an hour ago when I woke up, what do you think this means? And how bad do you think it is now?

Rev Sue says:

I like it. A doctor who doesn't want to do surgery 🙂 It's refreshing.

Simon Robson says:

Last time I saw this guy was in 77, banging the shit outta Desiree Costeau!

web browsing says:

last month i had complete shoulder ligament trear, and doctors suggested surgery, can my problem can be treated without surgery ? i cant lift my arm. please reply

Louise Taube says:

Nice chat. Love your personal account.

WellIAmTheOne90 says:

What a surname

Flynhayn Flynhayn says:

Thanks Dr. LipShits

Limak Lima says:

CLICK BAIT!!!!!!!!

Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

nutting with the 80s porn stach

blairrob says:

Came for the info, stayed for the 'stach.

lu gaines says:

Just told have shoulder injury. Hopefully the shot I got helps me. X-ray showed bones and space all good. If no relief may have a rotator cuff issue. Fingers crossed. Any self-help ideas.

MemeLab says:

Damn you idiot. Talking about your "amazing" life on a boat didn't give me any information. U suck👎

KitKatDani says:

I injured my shoulder yesterday, and today I have cheer practice. This is our last practice before a competition which is in two days! I don't want them to take me out of tumbling, what do I do?!

nievesl315 says:

Google “Bαkοnοz Kοnο” back pain guidebook to know why it’s effective. It significantly relieved my critical chronic back pain brought on by a recent injury. But it helps me to place in my side or back that will help minimize a number of the spasms. . .

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