Senior Fitness by Tona

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Kim in Seattle says:

I thank you both your Senior exercise youtube.
But this one has about 30 ads all over. I don't mind commercial before and/or after and couple more in between but about every 2~3 minutes I had to stop and reach out to skip, that's too much.
I almost bet all those thumb downs are for ridiculous amount of ad. I almost quit middle of session.

Laurie Lane says:

Just love, love this workout video. Great video for seniors who are NOT completely out of shape and more importantly it's fun. Thanks for this low impact body sculping aerobic video.

tobi abrams says:

great program Tobi Abrams

Bentley Archer says:

Your class is very good thank you 😊

Kathy Nerat says:

Maybe you don't understand English. "Skip Ads" means to skip ads. This is a exercise video and I had to stop at least eight times to get rid of more ads. I shall find anonther place to get my exercise. This is just stupid. I thought YouTube was so wonderful. Apparently not.

Pauline Searle says:

I just love Tono's workouts. All of them are really great for a full workout of all muscle groups. She has really kept me going through these long weeks of lockdown and raised my spirits too. Many thank you Tono.

Ivete Alves says:

Sou brasileira, estou curtindo seus exercícios, você é ótima. Gratidão por proporcionar tantos momentos agradáveis 🙏🙋‍♀️

Vandana Dahake says:

Thank you Tona mam. Daily I am doing this exercises. Very very helpful, as gyms are closed due to lockdown. I love it.💐👍👍

Linet King says:

Went back in time and just did this one again ( yes, I was bored, sitting around !) . Loved seeing your class participants again , and enjoyed just the different exercises in chair. If it had not been for the whole virus lockdown thing I would never have found you and your videos , so at least some good came out of it ! I actually enjoy them as much, if not more, than my old Y classes.

Elke Inge Maul says:

gracias Tona!!

Helen Win says:

My Mom and I loved this workout! Thanks so much. It's truly helped us stay active during this time.

Elke Inge Maul says:

tona es genial!

Elke Inge Maul says:

Buenisimo!!! saludos desde Bueno Aires

Wanda Terrell says:

This is what I have been looking for! Thank you Tona

tobi abrams says:

Great program ! Please add more hand exercises and less shoulder work . I did the workshop twice yesterday because I MISSED IT FOR 2 DAYS KEEP UP YOUR TERRIFIC PROGRAM! TOBI ABRAMS

Millie Wostratzky says:

I'm wondering why when I try to watch the Tona videos the video switches to an add, and then when the add is over, the video goes back to the beginning! Continually! This is very frustrating!

Jan Koehlinger says:

I have been exercising to this video and Tona's other videos for about a year now and I really like them. But today there were multiple interruptions during the video for ads and multiple ads each time. The skip ad function also was disabled. I found the interruptions to be very disruptive and so many seems unnecessary.

Tara Patel says:

very nice..good instructor..

Racquel Bobis says:

Thank you for sharing your senior fitness. The gym is close & I get to exercise with you. This is the best.

Elaine Coban says:

I think this class is a little too fast for most seniors.

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