Senior Fitness by Tona 3

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Linet King says:

Felt like company this weekend so I did this one again. It is one of my favorites and also someone had mentioned the "Teeny, Weeny Bikini" song in the comments this week , so I thought I would re-visit it. And as I keep saying – I love seeing Marcia's smile. I do actually do one of your videos on the days you are not on live , I just don't message each time as do not want to be obnoxious ! Just wanted to let you know your videos are being used constantly. Now on to your yoga one. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend ! See you Monday.

Marilee Hagerthy says:

I love this video!!! It works out my whole body and has really toned up my core in addition to strengthening every part of my body and improving my cardio. Don’t know what I would have without you Tonya during this stay at home time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

h smith says:

Today, I'm excising with the cute cookie instructor. Wonderful! Be safe, be happy, be well .. and LOL Thank you

eph2810 says:

Dear Tona, you are just great.
Was going to Silver Sneekers, but along came the great shutdown here in Michigan, and that ended the exercise at the WMCA. Then my wife and I discovered your videos. What a God send they are.
The main thing that my wife and I discovered while exercising with your video is that we will have to dress for exercise at home just as if we were going to the gym. No exercising in flip-flops and sleep clothes!
You are a blessing for us older folks who really really need to exercise.
May God bless you greatly.

h smith says:

I came across your fitness 1,2, 3 for seniors. I still miss all the seniors in your videos .. how are they? Now, I am a fan of ALL your videos .. thanks well be happy and stay safe …Have a great weekend ..

Linet King says:

I went back to the beginning where it all started today. Well, almost – #3. It was bittersweet , as I loved seeing all your class behind you in happier times, but seeing Marcia again with her wonderful happy smile both comforted me and brought tears to my eyes. I love watching her work out and keep smiling through the whole thing. I can never thank my local Y enough for putting your video on a list they sent us to do at home , when they had to close and before they did their own videos. Full disclosure – I always do yours instead as I never found their videos to be quite as spot on as yours are. So , before this gets too long to fit on page , once again a huge Thank You !

Manjri Dhami says:

Thank you so much for your wonderful workout. I am used to go to the gym, but this is a great workout. I did Zumba at my gym. Stay well.

Susie Q says:

Where can I get a DVD of your e exercise?

ronald roser says:

7/21/20 good workout, thanks


New subsriber. All You ladies rock! 👏 Love all the workouts, working the whole body especially during this time. So glad I found your channel and your a awesome instructor.🤗

Dennis Gabel says:

No captions for Deaf! I want to exercise. Add captions, plzzzzz

Nicki Phillips says:

Wonderful workout!

alero2010 says:

Just found this video. Did the whole thing and loved it. Trying to do 45 mins a day. Can't wait to see what else you have posted.

owen matherne says:

What size weight are you using?

E J says:

Great video. I watch and dance too. Thank you much.

Darlene Largoza says:

Love the movements! Perfect for us Seniors.

Magda Broderick says:

Found this by accident liked it very much how can I continue

Magda Broderick says:

Just found by accident this viedo great work out thank you how do I continue with you

Brenda Cendana says:

Sit and be fit

Bricolage says:

Everyone looks fabulous! Thank you

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