Senior Fitness – Low Impact Cardio Workout

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In this workout we’ll be going through some great standing cardio routines that will get your heart rate up and get your body moving and feeling great!

Weekly cardio routines are great for heart health and help keep your body flexible and nimble. Having great cardiovascular health is essential to living an active lifestyle no matter what age you’re at.

The moves and exercises in this video are designed for you to do easily in your own home and doesn’t require any equipment, only you!

This is a full body workout incorporating both upper body and lower body movements from your arms, legs, back and core. All of these elements together will help strengthen your balance which is so important during everyday activities.

Always remember to drink lots of water (have it close by) and only do movements that you feel comfortable with. Never force any discomfort, listen to your body and stay flexible.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith

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Monster Girl says:

This is my first time here. I like the instructor and some of the moves, but for me this wasn't as low-impact as I would like, due to all of the marching. After a while my knee started to hurt and I had to give up.

normiami says:

Thank you Meredith. You take me back to the cardio since my gym is closed.

Jasmin Abdelmonem says:

Not a senior but loving this

doris best says:

Very nice,I think one can do it with lite weights in hands,right?

Catherine Ho says:

I like the tke exercise

MsVibrantLady says:

Hi Meredith! I too add my thanks. My mother who is senior and in need of exercise did this routine today. She found it challenging but feels encouraged to try it again. It can be hard to find routines that are not too overwhelming for a true beginner. I did it with her and thought it was fun. Perfect anytime but especially in quarantine!

Brian Pattenden says:

Hi Meredith. Greetings from the Island of Cyprus.
I am a 76 year old Royal Air Force vet who has been doing your Cardio work out everyday for the last two weeks. Keep up your great work. Very many thanks.

Albin Peter says:

Nice Mam,
Thank You So Much.

Corbin's Mom says:

I just subscribed and talked my mom into doing it work me. I'm 35 but this one's easy on my ankle and my mother is 65 and finds it gentle.

Sandra Carter says:

Great! I really enjoyed it.

Esther Colorado says:

Loved this video I am not a senior but I am very overweight, this was something I can do😃

Suzanne Perry says:

Good Morning Meredith from the UK. I have been searching for a workout and found yours just now. I am not a senior but have back issues and I am missing my walk to work routine. This workout is simple and clear. A great help during this tough time for everyone. Thank You. Keep Safe & Well.

suiterd62 says:

Thank you. This exercise was difficult. I'll have to repeat it many times before I get it correct. DRS / RVN Vet.

Eyes that smile - Heart that Loves says:

Great! I'm glad I found you. I love this.

like a rock says:

deceptively hard ,I only made it to 10 mins .This will be my program for sure !!! Excellent low impact for me (68 yrs)Thank you ,Meredith !

Dorine Preis says:

Really appreciate this. Your directions are very clear and you are easy to follow. Helps get over the sequestered funk.

maestra Luz Torres says:

Coo!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm 60 and have my L3 and L4 together because of a terrible sickness. Thank you. Your routine is so good! Greetings form Guadalajara, Mexico.

rosemarie beyer says:

Thank you, Meredith, for posting this video! Following your exercise-routine, gives me lot's of energy and brightens my day! Greetings Rosy from the Netherlands

Carmen Herrera says:

we loved your workout, thanks. greetings from Switzerland

new morroco 新摩洛哥 Xīn móluògē says:

Big respect from morocco I really enjoyed it today with corona staying home

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