SEXY ARMS IN 10 MIN / No Equipment | Pamela Reif

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This is an INTERMEDIATE workout with options for BEGINNERS ♥︎ // Werbung

if you want to make it ADVANCED – just skip the breaks!!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.

The focus is on your arms & core here. It’s all about balance in life, so don’t only focus on your booty and abs 🙂 Arms, chest & back are just as important!!

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VIDEO, CUT & EDIT: Emrah Bayka

MUSIC by Epidemic Sound

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Jinengi S says:

These arm exercices are only for triceps right? The biceps doesn't seem to work a lot

Elizabeth Studt says:

These are easy to follow. And there's music too!

Baldev Raj says:

Ur very vvv beautiful

Hind Ali says:

I like u workout , good day 💪🏻💪🏻

acva 16 says:

Who moved the comments?
Put them back

Victoria Nightingale says:

finishes plank**
oh now I can rest*
Pamela continues with back n forth plank
well fuck

Mila Ukea says:

thank you so muck, but you just KILLED ME

karime Velazquez says:

So what I did first was having brakes between breaks. Then I just decided to watch the exercises, pause the video do it at my pace and the play the video again to watch the next one… Hate the time pressure (and watch her not suffering as I do) but I did the whole thing at the end!!! So, yes you can!!!

Tatyana velikaya says:

What is the song called from 8:0110:11? BTW, love you 😙😍

Joavitanature Cure says:

You are a great personality

Joanna Kr says:

Day 1: was an epic fail 😂 but im not giving up😌
Day 2: it was way easier than yesterday, i was surprised i did most of the workout but it took A LOT OF TIME and i feel super tired
Day 3: i still can't do push ups 🥺
Day 4: omg i didn't take a break during the workout 😂
it felt so goooddd. but i still struggle with push ups

Eloise Cheyne says:

I'll be honest … the superman just made be burp and fart

Damaru211 says:

fertig TAG 2 SUPER wars Danke dir Pamela ;-)))

pixiebaek says:

Didn’t know side push up was a thing before I work on this workout… I though push up is already hard enough TT

mariia_kathariina - says:

Push ups
Shoulder taps
Side push ups left
Side push ups right


T-Rotating plank
Up down plank
Superman with rotation


Triceps dips
Reverse plank
Plank back&forth


Push ups
Up down plank
Ab crunch cross touch
Triceps push ups on knees

Have Fun!

Sophie Tyler says:

hey is anyone else’s shoulder popping while doing this?? idk what’s going on

Fatine El Rouchdi says:

Guys is this workout what dying feels like?🥵

Laura Salvador says:

starting tomorrow I'll do this everyday !! along with the booty burn and the abs workout every other day #stayathome

Sully HB says:

She's so strong!

Ranjith Gowda says:

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