Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

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These shoulder pain relief stretches are great for helping to relieve general shoulder pain and shoulder tightness. The shoulder stretches are done in real time, so they are easy to follow. Buy a worksheet with these shoulder stretches:

In general when stretching the shoulders, you should hold most stretches for 30 seconds, and do them 3 times. Sometimes you might not have enough time to go through your whole routine, which can be time consuming. If you are in a hurry, still hold the shoulder stretches for 30 seconds, but do less reps.

A quick warm up will help warm up and loosen the shoulder muscles to help get them going.

A great way to stretch the shoulder is by stretching out the joint capsule. You can stretch the posterior capsule or a cross arm stretch, and you can stretch the inferior capsule with a triceps stretch.

Also, stretching some of your rotator cuff muscles, like the subscapularis may help relieve the shoulder pain. If going into external rotation of your shoulder is painful, you can modify this stretch.

Finally, a chest or pec stretch and an upper trap stretch will help the shoulder and neck areas.

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Dr. Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine:

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Mona says:

Thanks Dr , I’m doing these stretches 4 times a week 😘

saocnoldor says:

it really help me with a really bad shoulder pain. thanks.

Yeung Lai says:

nice post i always workout before not stretches

thecoruptorr says:

Dr. Joe is the best…

Ronita Ghatak says:

Thank you Dr. for the exercises, it is very helpful, however at nighttime, I feel like someone is pulling my left hand and left shoulder down towards floor. Why do you think this is happening

Jhansilakshmi Pathangae says:

Hello Dr. Jo, I have been suffering from shoulder pain and neck pain since long time. I have tried Physiotherapy but it didn't work. Hope ur stretching exercises work. I am trying urs now. Thank you for the support. Good day.

Angelica Bobe says:

I subscribed! I was having a bad right shoulder pain and I felt lesser pain now. Can I do these stretches as often as I like within the day?

tormentor says:

I love your videos. I get pain on my right shoulder blade and right waistline. Your videos give me instant relief.


Thank you so much this really helped !!!

Tuan Hai Nguyen says:

Thank you, i just found your channel today! subscribed.

Noddy Yug says:

Mam I have tendonitis prblm in my shoulder so this exercise work on this situation plzzz tell me mam

Aimee Samaniego says:

I had a bad shoulder pain and after this routine, my pain was less! Need to do another round again.

Anthoneil Bailey says:

This really work at the first 3mins I started to feel a bit better

dangeraux1 says:

I have severe pain in my left arm just below the shoulder radiating to my elbow. I don't know what to do. Please help!

Mika TheSolsticeWolfe says:

I had a slight shoulder pain and this made it go away. I appreciate your help, much obliged

Nathan Smarr says:

I am a baseball pitcher and when I pitch my shoulder kills me. I am worried about not being able to pitch. I think my shoulder is impinged but sometimes it hurts when I’m not doing anything! What should I do???

Natalie Jordan says:

Subscribed, thank you, felt so good after a week of intense workouts!!!

Adv. Santosh C Zalte Sillod Dist.Aurangabad 431112 says:

Thanks a lot madamji

Sudha Vishwanath says:

Hi due to this neckpain am getting upper chest bone and side bones pain..please give some stretch for that aswell..thanks

Grace Buencamino says:

Do you use ice, or warm compress for shoulder pain relief?
Thank you😊

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