Shoulder Pulley Exercise for Frozen Shoulder & Rotator Cuff

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A shoulder pulley is a great way to stretch & strengthen the shoulder joint. This physical therapy tool improves shoulder health & range of motion for a quicker recovery. Great for anyone with shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, bursitis & more!

Dr. David Lee shows us how to use an over the door shoulder pulley for shoulder rehabilitation & recovery. Follow these steps to perform this shoulder pulley exercise at home:

Step 1:
Secure the shoulder pulley to a door & sit down on a chair, facing away from the pulley system.

Step 2:
Hold onto the shoulder pulley handles, palms facing out.

Step 3:
Lift one arm up as high as you can go. If needed, pull the other arm down to help raise the opposite arm up. Make sure to keep the elbows straight & the shoulder in a neutral position.

Step 4:
Hold this position for 10 seconds, switch sides & repeat this movement to your tolerance.

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