SHOULDERS Bodyweight Only Workout (Home or Gym)

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Buff Dudes Bodyweight .PDF:

This video is taken from PHASE 3, DAY 3 of our BODYWEIGHT ONLY plan.

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Buff Dudes Workouts says:

Buff Dudes Bodyweight .PDF:

Sam Anders says:

I thought LYT is a piece of cake…not so much after first set.

TheNamesDitto says:

Those LYT raises juked me. Gets really tough after a while

Riadh Gfx says:

The first excersice is the most important

Treyvlog says:

Desperately need a bicep/tricep video

KurtAngle89 says:

Brandon'hair in quarantine is basically becoming a lion's mane. I'd say it's appropriate

Delerious Dinosaur says:

umm im not feeling anything with the wall exercise…

Danny A. Ignacio says:

Keep this videos coming! Thank you Dudes!

Laurent Briere says:

I've noticed guys that your videos are highly watched when Mikaylah is in it. So maybe less guys but more girl, woman!!!!

Houston Ilagan says:

Bicep and triceps workout without weights

Jesse Adkins says:

Great vid Buff Dudes….Im not young by any means and I love to see men who arent 19 telling me how to be a man or how to make gains when their still wet behind the ears and haven't even lived life yet but you bring fitness to my level and challenge me to keep making gains at my age which isn't easy at all! Man I wished I started in my 20s but now 40, I wont stop until my physic is the best I can make it! Much respect and love mate! Awesome workout!!!!

TimberYeti says:

Guys, I’m not sure if you hear this enough, but thanks for these vids. Shows both how easy and how hard being built can be. It’s like an instruction manual for how to be a man. Well done.

jenoen says:

Brandon 'Sir Buff" Any Product reviews on weird or New Dumbbells?

David Sundbaum says:

Now this is Jason Statham workout 2.0 🤘🏻 oi!

Ross Miller says:

You know some dummy is gonna skip LYT’s and wall slides thinking they’re “too easy” without ever having done them.

Lawbringer boi says:

Another great tip I found from older Buff Dudes vids, try pyramid sets, supersets and high volume workouts if you dont have gym level heavy weights at home!

Marc Poulin says:

A good rear delt body weight excercise, lie on your back, arms out 90 degrees, dig your elbows in the floor to elevate your upper body keeping your butt on the floor and hold for a few seconds, repeat for reps

Mark Magana says:

These are incredibly creative and effective looking exercises. Thank you Brandon and Hudson. Shoulders are so hard to work with no equipment. You guys brought me joy today 💪

ollie smeeb says:

The L Y T’s are amazing, my shoulders felt both on fire and more mobile after I finished

Toby Garrett says:

Trx band workout #please #staybuff

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