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SHOULDERS Exercises Only Bodyweight Workout

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Michael Zinni
Michael Weber
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Logan Vibbert
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Chin Long Chan

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Shoulders Only Bodyweight Workout
Directed/Edited by: Hudson White
Starring: Hudson, Brandon


Buff Dudes / Fitness / Shoulders Only Bodyweight Workout

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Buff Dudes says:

Lots of great location suggestions – library, office, restaurant – we will up our game for the final five episodes! Hope the workouts are going well. STAY BUFF! -Hudson & Brandon

Matthew Pfundt says:

brilliant, can be done outside and burns the shoulders, hit subscribe after this one

Majid Ali Khan says:

Useless workout but enjoyed the location

Playthroughscenter says:

this place looks like final fantasy 15.

Grey Knight says:

1:02 OwO what's this??

Anthony Pena says:

0:500:53 Accurate representation of intercourse

Makito Bredy says:

Pike push-ups 4 sets x 15 reps superset Handstand holds 15-20 sec 0:250:58
LYT's 4 sets x 15 per movement 1:11
Elevated push back push-ups 4 sets x 15 reps superset Rotating planks 4 sets x 10 per side 2:493:47
Wall slides 3 sets x 15 reps 4:39
Crunches 3 sets x 25 reps 6:13

Odi Gates says:

Stay buff, buffering :V

chris hayes says:

I worked the grandcan that spot the shit. Try the hand rapids path in yollow stone it's part of old fathfull area.

chris hayes says:

I'm no trainer but lyt look like a joke.

Wim M says:

Awesome video, like the workout but also the environment, it's good to see a bit of your country,

Tevy Sethi says:

😂💪🏼 the pause until he sings ‘LYT’ u guys r fantastic keep this channel forever buffin 4 Lyfe

Duke Perkins says:

Feeling L.Y.T today!!!

Jose Villatoro says:

You know what would be crazy! If there’s an amusement park by you guys you should do one in a Ferris wheel haha

aseem verma says:

Could anybody tell me about their location where they are ????

gavdav12 says:


Fasting Gamer says:

I remember watching u guys at 200k. Ive been a long time sub since then idk why i dont get reccomened to watch your videos anymore or see your videos in my sub box. Youtube does not favor fitness channels anymore

maco29yo says:

A junkyard workout

Depravarts Agustin Romero says:

Plutonic workout! Seems so easy at first, I did em all and radioactivity was flowing that even thought shoulders could be glowing, but feels great and epic

lewe die Boer says:

So I'd began on my new construction job and now I'm to tired to go to the gym, so I have begun with your bodyweight workout and I'm liking it a lot. Thanks buff dudes, your my inspiration ❤️❤️

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