Slim Thighs & Butt Lift At Home Exercises – Optional Resistant Band Yoga Workout

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Slim Thighs & Butt Lift At Home Exercises – Optional Resistant Band Yoga Workout

The first in series of videos by Joy Scola– showing simple but effective exercises for the full body. This video focuses on the legs and butt workout movements. You can do this Equipment Free or use Resistance Bands to increase the benefit!

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TS D says:

You do a great job! I love how you teach us how to breathe the correct way with every move and remind us about pushing our lower stomach to the floor. Please do share more videos!!!

愛,忍耐,熱情 says:

I've been trying to keep the summer body I've been working on lol I can't lie it been hard but I decided to into yoga and these stretch bands have got my legs aching lol I got mine from ExerciseGenies and I'm pleasantly surprised after buying some from amazon and the light one ripped, I was worried these were gonna met the same fate lol when they arrive on Monday I'm gonna be utilising this routine looks amazing

Alanna Holburn says:

I have hip dips and I’ve noticed that this exercise is helping them look less noticeable for some reason like am I doing this wrong??

Ezekiel Moseley says:

Why is the cat in the video

Netty Holyfield says:


Sara ismail-sutton says:

i don2 have a ca2 4 da firs2 exercise, sorri

EastSideOfTheWorld says:

This can transfer to my sprints and heavy lifts. Thanks for this video !

Kiara T. says:

I loved this, especially that last stretch, it was a perfect way to wrap the whole thing up.

Meka Perry says:

Since having my baby, I’ve had so much anxiety. I totally forgot how relaxed and calming yoga is. I’m glad I thought to start back b|c it has been helping tremendously. Not only am I working out physically but mentally! I have subscribed and plan on using your workouts daily. ❤️

Alicia Norman says:

Your breathing is mesmerizing too and helps a lot please don't stop that…

Alicia Norman says:

Your workouts are amazing–so relaxing it's almost like nOT working out even when I am in pain LOL…

Candy Girl says:

This was really relaxing. Thank you.

Logan Hales says:

Thx for help me

Anastasiia Yamelynets says:

This is unnecessarily LONG

Teresa Stanley says:

Damn! My 🍑🥵

Monika Patel says:

My first session and i loved it. i will go though it everyday.

7171 says:

I just listed: PHYSIOband resistive exercise band, for ₹399.00 via @amazon

All things Kimberly Ruiz says:

Omg, just happen to bump into this workout. I have never felt like I workout so hard yet feel so meditated in my life. It’s super late and I needed to do something to fall asleep and now I feel cool, calm and collected and ready for bed. I’ll be back for more!

Carolyn Elizabeth McEvoy says:

Love the kitty!!!! 🙂

Michell Diaz says:

Omg I thought the cat was in her belly lol 0:46

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