Standing Resistance Band Butt & Hips Workout – Glute Activation | At Home or Gym

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Kaitlin Riedl says:

Great video! I like how you explained which muscles are being worked with each excersise

Blue Vlogs says:

I do these with weights and band and woahhh i saw subtle changes in whuthun a week!

Julianna S says:

Thank you for great exercises, but would be nicer if there is a time for exercise explanation a bit, and then starting the exercise

maya aboode says: it happened really today 🤣 .. and i want to thank you for all your great working .. the results so satisfied for me ❤️🥰 wish you all happiness and love

Yasemin Gurbuz says:

Thank you so much for this ❤❤

I'm not gonna say says:

Very pleasant! Thank you!

Nomesy says:

I have an upper body injury so this looks the perfect workout (exactly what I’ve been looking for), thank you! ☺️

Vash Hall says:

thanks u for everything👏 now I am more sexy🌼🌺💪

Fatima Lubayna786 says:

hí hαnα 💖 í m ѕtαrtín díѕ frσm 2mrw 💕 tnk u 💋

Ludovica Nucifora says:

Hii, I'm following your booty program vol 1 and I have a question. Why this video is listed as 6 if this is a glute activation video? Shouldn't be the first video of the entire workout?

بنت الرافدين says:

ياقوم انا عربي غريب وحيد بالتعليقات 😅

Candi B says:

Just started 21.6.19 and it's awesome intend to continue. It burns like hell.

chariots8x says:

I love this video! It's very unique! I made a list of the exercises in order to practice getting the form right.

1) Deadlift (20 reps) 0:26

2) Standing Donkey Kick 12 reps/leg 1:24 (other leg 1:46)

3) Standing Leg Extension 12 reps/leg 2:09 (other leg 2:26)

4) Standing Fire Hydrant 12 reps/leg 2:46 (other side 3:10)

5) Squats (20 reps) 3:55

6) Side Walk 4:43

7) Lateral Walk 5:15

8) Standing Side Leg Extension 10-12 reps/leg 5:47 (other leg 6:00)

9) Squat Curtsy Lunge 6:35

10) Squat Side Kick 10-12 reps/leg 7:07

Mangel lower says:

will it target ynderbutt too ?

chariots8x says:

I made a list of the exercises so it's easier to practice getting the form right.

1) Deadlift (20 reps) 0:26

2) Standing Donkey Kick (12 Reps/Leg) 1:24

3) Standing Leg Extension (12 Reps/Leg) 2:08

4) Standing Fire Hydrant (12 Reps/Leg) 2:46

5) Squats (20 Reps) 3:55

6) Side Walk 4:43

7) Lateral Walk 5:15

8) Standing Side Leg Extension (10-12 Reps/Leg) 5:46

9) Squat Curtsy Lunge 6:35

10) Squat Side Kick (10-12 Reps/Leg) 7:07

Lori Moore says:

I love 💕 your workouts and I’m so glad I found you 😇 thanks 🙏🏽!!!

Jessica says:

It's amazing! It's very good thing that i have to prepare just a band!! Thank you!!

A A says:

Hey honey how r u hope ur fine .. honey what is the best time to do exercices for bigger butt in fasting month plz answer me when u can honey love u so much

Jodie Weeka says:

Love this workout as well as your other workouts. Thanks for making another for all of us.. love it!!

Christina Cupil says:

Yas 🙌🙌 glute activation 👍👍

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