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Simply roll out your mat and prepare for a quick 10 minute ab workout to help strengthen the abdominal muscles. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! The timer will be on [More]
10 minute ab workout using a dumbbell for extra resistance! We will be focusing on the rectus abdominis muscle, the obliques and core. This is a slow paced no repeat workout that requires a lot [More]
This is a challenging one hour full body dumbbell workout that will target every muscle group with compound movements and complete body exercises to help you become stronger, build lean muscle, burn energy four hours [More]
A full body workout hitting all of the major muscle groups in the upper body, and using static lunges as a staple to target the entire lower body with some RDLs for more hamstring specific! [More]
As 2021 comes to a close, we take a look at the best and the worst fitness influencers that I’ve covered throughout this year, based on audience suggestions. Again, this tier list is merely a [More]
Ten minutes of working on strengthening our ab muscles and entire core! A dumbbell ab workout perfect for post any workout or even on an active rest day along with a stretching routine! All you [More]
It’s time for some squats and RDLs! Yes…2 main exercises with lots of variations to make this 20 minute leg workout intense yet incorporating a lot of work! All you will need is a pair [More]
20 MINUTE SHOULDERS & ARMS workout! Here we go!! Ready for my style of finisher? The triceps will be officially done! Slow, controlled, focused and intense as always!! All angles of the shoulders, those triceps [More]
20 minutes dumbbell fun! Full body, high intensity workout to get you sweaty! The dumbbells I am using for your reference as 6kg each. Be cautious of faster paced movements with dumbbells. If you have [More]
Technically no repeat but repetition on those muscles!! Mostly compound movements to recruit as many muscles as possible with lots of variations throughout! The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 17.5kg however I [More]
This is a short yet challenging core and ab workout. We are training our core to ‘fight’ the arching of the lower back. Transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, the oblique muscles, even the quads, hip flexors [More]
This 15 minute upper abs workout will target the abdominal muscles and help strengthen the overall core with focus on the upper abdominal muscles. The rectus abdominis muscle runs down the centre of your torso [More]
Nothing but the triceps here! 15 minutes perfect as a finisher to any chest workout or simply on its own as a quick yet intense workout to strengthen the triceps! For this workout you will [More]
Just over 20 minutes. Back. Shoulders. Chest. Arms… all worked but in a very slow and controlled format. This is a PERFECT upper body session to save for those days when you just want to [More]
30 minutes ab workout to target the rectus abdominus muscles, the obliques and the strengthening of the core. The timer will be on for 50 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest on between [More]
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