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Arm annihilation! Let’s do it! Biceps and triceps all within trisets in this dumbbell workout with some bodyweight exercises introduced too! Isometrics, half reps, slow tempo, playing with the range of movement…. exactly how I [More]
Rows: exactly as it says!! 😁 A solid back workout with dumbbells to target the lats, rhomboids, spinal erectors and traps however along with this, you will feel those biceps contracting, forearm strength tested, core, [More]
It’s EPIC ARM DAY! Let’s strengthen the arms, build muscle and focus on mastering our control and form in this arm workout, targeting the triceps and biceps! All you will need for this dumbbell arm [More]
Upper body GIANT sets! Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders and Core! Increase strength, build muscle and improve muscular endurance with this 30 minute upper body workout! The timer will be on for 45 seconds each exercise, [More]
This “CORE” class is from Travis Eliot’s NEW program, Level Up 108. LU108 is the most transformative Power Yoga program in the world…this powerful 108 day yoga program is for students ready to take their [More]
Day 7 of our 6 Week Shred Workout Plan – This 35 min epic quad and calves workout with dumbbells is a great way to start building strength in those legs and get you feeling [More]
The arms and chest are targeted in Day 18 of the EPIC Program! Full of super sets throughout and finishing with bodyweight push ups, this workout is definitely going to push up triceps to a [More]
Shoulders and the triceps will be targeted during this upper body dumbbell workout along with some bodyweight only exercises to incorporate more of a challenge! Each exercise is performed twice! We will be performing 2 [More]
Here we go! Day 1 in the EPIC Beginners Series for those of you wanting to progress to the full EPIC Program! We are starting with a full lower body workout lasting 30 minutes. Squats, [More]
Let’s build the upper body strength!! Compound and isolation exercises with this upper body workout to majorly hit the chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps …
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