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It’s no secret that the biceps are the ‘beach muscle’ that every guy wants to build. But proper biceps training isn’t as simple as banging out a few sets of curls. Although you may experience [More]
“The yoke” refers to the upper traps, upper back, neck, side delts, upper chest and triceps (long head). In this video we go through a workout designed to maximize development of these muscles. Check out [More]
Get my FULL 16 week Push Pull Legs program! ‣ http://jeffnippard.com/pushpulllegs My Chest Hypertrophy Program: ‣ https://shop.jeffnippard.com/product/chest-hypertrophy-program/ My Shoulder Hypertrophy Program (Men’s): ‣ https://shop.jeffnippard.com/product/mens-shoulder-hypertrophy-program/ My Shoulder Hypertrophy Program (Women’s): ‣ https://shop.jeffnippard.com/product/womens-shoulder-hypertrophy-program/ ▹ Use SCIENCEAPPLIED at [More]
In this video we’ll go over the anatomy of the back musculature, the science of back training, and more. You’ll also discover the perfect science-based back workout for size and strength. Back Workout – DAY [More]
When it comes to growing big forearms and improving your grip strength, you need to consider the anatomy of the forearms in order to determine what the “best forearm workout” might be. In this video [More]
In this part 2 video of my arm series, I will discuss the best tricep workout to hit every triceps head based on current scientific literature and our anatomical understanding of the arms. Although it’s [More]
Get my Full Body Training Program: ‣ https://www.jeffnippard.com/programs/full-body-program If you’ve only been in the gym for a year or two, I’d recommend starting with my fundamentals program instead, which has you training full body 3 [More]
One of the most effective muscle-building workout routines you can use is the push pull legs split. In the push workout for mass, you train all of your upper body pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, and [More]
When it comes to how to grow muscle, you need to continuously challenge them with more than they’re used to. In other words: you need progressive overload. As simple as this sounds, most people’s training [More]
In this video I’m going to be covering the “best” leg workout for mass and strong legs based on scientific literature and our understanding of the leg muscles. I’ll go through the most effective leg [More]
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