The 10 Greatest Home Exercises of All Time! (HIT EVERY MUSCLE)

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The 10 greatest home exercises you can do to build muscle at home and hit your entire body are laid out here on one comprehensive video. Some tough choices had to be made, but what you have here are the best home exercise options for hitting the back, chest, legs, arms, shoulders and even your rotator cuff. The criteria for the selections of these was that they were primarily bodyweight exercises that could be done without a large home gym or expensive equipment.

We start the list with the two best home exercise routines for the back. Here we can’t look anywhere else but to the pull-up. This amazing back builder is one of the kings of all upper body movements regardless of whether you’re training at home or in the gym. All that is needed is a simple doorway pullup bar, which is a rather inexpensive piece that you’ll want to grab.

Because the back is so important and often undertrained when it compares to the anterior chain muscles like the chest and shoulders, I’m including a second exercise. This one is called the human pullover. The key to performing this one is to not let the abs do the work but rather the arms. This is similar in appearance to the human flag but it works the lats if you do it right. Instead of lifting with the pelvis, think of pulling the lower body up towards the ceiling by driving your hands into the fixed anchor point.

Next we hit the chest and the best way to do that is with a variation of the pushup that includes the all important adduction of the shoulder to maximize chest contraction. Normally, with your hands fixed on the ground during a push-up, you are unable to drag your hands closer together as you come up to complete the squeeze on the pecs. If you rotate your body however, you can get more adduction at the shoulder on every rep. This can be done as an incline if you need a slightly beginner home exercise option instead.

The biceps are easily worked in the home gym with nothing more than the pull-up bar we already mentioned. Perform the biceps chin up to build bigger biceps at home. Instead of pulling your body straight up and down however you want to slightly lean yourself back and pull close as you come up. This is basically to simulate the curling of the bar during a barbell curl except this time you are curling your body up to a fixed bar.

The triceps are hit with the upright dip. This can be done with a pair of chairs. Maintain an upright torso to keep your arms held tight to your sides and maximize the contraction of the long head of the triceps. When your arms are out in front of you during a traditional chest dip, you are unable to get this complete contraction of the long head making this variation invaluable when building triceps at home.

The legs can be trained quite effectively in a home workout if you are willing to invest in a resistance band. The extra resistance is something that is often needed to overload the stronger muscles of the quads when access to barbells or extensive gym setups is not an option. The Bulgarian Split Squat with a band is an amazing way to train the quads, simulating around 40-50 pound dumbbells with one single piece of resistance tubing.

The glutes and hamstrings are hammered quite well with the combination of the glute/ham raise and the slick floor bridge curls. Remember to keep both the glutes and hams engaged and firing together to enable them to assist each other, as they desire to perform, throughout both of these exercises.

Finally, the shoulders are easily able to be overloaded via the handstand pushup. This is one brutal upper body builder and can fit into any workout program for building big shoulders at home. Take the set to failure and watch as your shoulders grow practically before your eyes. If you can’t do this quite yet however, you can always do the dive-bomber pushup alternative shown here as well.

This showcases what I believe are the 10 greatest home exercises of all time. Your picks may be different. The key is this, no home workout program can be complete with just 10 exercises. You need to hit your body from more angles and with more exercise variation to get the most out of what you are capable of in terms of muscle growth. The XERO program at is designed to do just that without requiring any equipment at all. Check it out at the link below.

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Sir I'm ur big fan

sixstringstak says:

Jeff put together a kick ass workout. Thanks man!

DM AikiBujin says:

Didn't he say in his worst calisthenics video that the Cobra Pushup is better that the dips?
So shouldn't they be on this list instead?

hemanth koppireddy says:

How to bo pullup

Ace says:

I know what i have to do but i don't know if i have the strength to do it

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Jeff: you see this is where most get it wrong

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You make this way to difficult my program is less complicated and works better quicker.

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I tried the Athlean X – Xero program but it costs a lot and I don't have anything to pay. 😒😒

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Anyone else afraid to fall doing dips with two chairs?

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Total gold……………again

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I can't even do an inverted row in my house

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Hey Jeff, how much do you workout just hanging around the house? I sort of imagine you doing pushups and squats everywhere, using doorways for workouts etc.

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spiritualinsight says:

I have 2 fused cervical disc and a disc replace in my neck. What concerns, or modifications would I want to do. I love the human pullover. Used to do those for fun as a kid. Not sure if I should do those now.

How can I avoid bulking up? I want to get in shape(lean) not become body builder competition bulked up.

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Is it ok to do the Bulgarian split squats with a loaded backpack if we don’t have resistance bands?

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You're the best Jeff

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Camera get close up at his face and Jeff looks like he's struggling with it .
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