The 10's Beginner Workout (Body Weight Only)

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I have had the request for an ultra simple, compeltely free, performable by all fitness levels workout for beginners so that’s exactly what I’ve done here! If you are someone who lits on a regular basis just skip over this workout but if you have just started or if you ever find yourself in a place where you have no gym to workout you can do this! This workout can be used to burn fat in conjunciton with a good diet, so if you need to lose weight try to up the intervals you do of this workout as many times as you can!

Thanks for the idea for this video guys!

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Brian Turner says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT ON THIS! I want to pin a comment with some answers to your questions and to help you move on from here to advance your fitness!

Firstly, for those who are just starting to work out I created beginner's guidebook for that will help you learn some of the basics of diet and exercise and will help you move from this workout to a more advanced one, you can get that book free here:

Secondly, for those that ask what protein I take (I've tried them all over 10 years of lifting), I take VivoLife raw plant protein as it is the highest quality and most easily digested protein on the market at the moment (no whey bloat or acne). There is also a greens product that provides high quality vitamins and probiotics to help your performance. You can get it by following this link and using BRIAN10 for a discount:

Finally, for those of you who are ready for a more advanced workout I have put together the workout I'm currently doing for free here:

I hope this is helpful and I encourage you to keep checking out my newest videos as I show you what I am currently doing with my fitness journey!

Sky Jay says:

bruh wtf happened to this guys face it looks like there was a fucking war…

Christopher and Christian says:

0:50 Pushups
1:12 Burpees
1:36 Alternating Lunges
2:25 Crushes (his own styles)

Good Luck, don’t give up if it’s too hard.

Start by doing 5 if you cannot do 10. You’ll get there

Pebber Brown says:

Burpees are too much for beginners dude.

inahuka kibami says:

I'm too skinny that i don't even want to go out am kind of feeling too low. how can i gain weight? Please help me

Jillian Evans says:

lol i have to do this for gym class…

Rdyno1 says:

Hello Brian….Just curious what is the frying pan you are using in your videos and where did you get from…Also i been working out for some quite time …i was wondering if theres a home workout i could do that would buold muscle without using weights and just your body ? If you could help me out greatly appreciated …I watch and subscribed to your channel also bought your recipe book and 3 t shirts
Thank you

Kirby Carabeo says:

How often should I this work out?

Lucky's Tab says:

How long until it shows results and gives a body? Ive got a bit of fat on my tummy and on side tummies amd no biceps/triceps/carves.


How many times a week do I do this

SHAP00PIE says:

Can you do this workout every day?

Thristian Thompson says:

I caught the worst Charlie horse ever doing this

abhay singh fitness says:

I am indian

shortcxke says:

i’m on my second week of doing this exercise daily! (with the inclusion of other smaller exercises).
because i’m rlly weak and overweight, i’ve decided to warm up with this workout every morning

every week i bump it up to an additional round! last week was only one round, and for this week it will be two rounds. i’ll keep doing it until i reach 10 rounds! (in 10 weeks). i’ll also try to eat less and more healthier. i wonder what i can accomplish in 10 weeks? 🙂

Jedidiah Spellum says:

I'm no stranger to the gym but I haven't been able to go to one in a while and have become untrained. This is exactly what I was looking for to get started again.

Shantelle K says:

Hi! (I am a teenage girl and I have a request)♡ I would really love it if you would make a video on "how to start a workout routine plan, if you dont know where to start." Like, how to write down the excersizes that you are going to do to achieve specific goals.. a very thorough plan.. how to write a beginners calesthenics plan.. how to write a weight loss workout plan.. workout plan to tighten your abs… This is what I struggle with the most because I dont know how to, so I dont know what exact workouts to do.. I want to be consistent, but I cant be without a plan.

Rico Belgera says:

wuuuuuuuuw! the forth one is too hard. it's not for beginners dude

Khashi says:

what happened to your face?

Libra Status says:

I appreciate this quick n dirty routine ❤️

Reshi Bunny says:

Nope, can't do those crunches (which is terrifying, I used to be pretty fit) but I'll get there 👏 love your attitude

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