The best 21 glute exercises using only resistance bands

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The Best 21 glute exercises using only resistance bands

1. Alternating Lateral Taps (1:06)
2. Alternating Back Taps (1:23)
3 Two-Way Touches (1:35)
4. Forward/Backward Taps (1:49)
5. Squat Pulses (2:10)
6. Squat with External Rotation (2:23)
7. Squat Drops (2:34)
8. Skater Walks (2:48)
9. Side to Side Lunge (3:03)
10. Wall Sit (3:21)
11. Forearm Donkey Kicks (3:32)
12. Side Plank Clams (3:47)
13. Side Lying Lateral Raises (4:02)
14. Plank Lateral Taps (4:17)
15. Wall Glute Bridges (4:31)
16. Glute Bridge With March (4:49)
17. Lying Abductions (5:07)
18. Hip Thruster Abductions (5:21)
19. Band Reverse Hypers (5:44)
20. Bench Side Plank Lifts (6:10)
21. Bench Single Leg Lifts (6:25)

Resistance band workouts are a great way to strengthen your glutes – whether you want to target your gluteus maximus, minimus or medius. However, all too often mini bands are…well…uncomfortable. Or they break.

That is why these fitness loops by Fitnatic are so great to use for your glute exercises! They won’t break or roll and they don’t pull your leg hair out (especially for you guys!).

They are great to use during your leg training routines as activation moves at home or at the gym. And these moves aren’t just for women strengthening their glutes to run faster, lift more and prevent injury. Guys, you should be using them too! So if you want stronger glutes, enjoy these moves using the Fitnatic Booty Band available on Amazon. You can also get one at the link below!

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The link of the band doesn't work

Patricia Florian says:

Hi. You can put again the link about :where I can buy it. Because now, the link doesn't work. Thanks

Glitter_Angel Makeup says:

Going to do this with Bret Contreras Glute Loop! 💜💜

Valentina D says:

Cool! Will try them out! One question, does forearm donkey kick target upper glute?

MaX Maxxy MaX says:

I’m studying to get a bench can you please help

Jessica Roberts says:

Amazing video’

Sandra A. says:

Awesome video straight to the point. I think some pop ups showing us which part of the gluteus is being worked would be cool. Being aware of which moves Works on the part of the glutes where weakness exist.

Briauna Koczor says:

Just ordered some bands today and about to get into using them. So glad I found your video it's perfect to get me started! Thank you!

Dee Dee says:

When you do donkey kicks or bench leg lifts …put one end of the band around one of your knees then the other end around your thigh not both ends around thigh.

N LC says:

Do you know of a brand you would recommend for leg resistance bands to do a kickbox workout? Something like tube bands. Thanks!

Latoya Lewis says:

Great video. Thanks.

Emoretta Robinson says:

You continue to display such a good variety of exercises. I sometimes just go from video to video knowing I'm going to see something new! Something I may not have seen in an exercise magazine or somewhere online. I'm really liking your channel! P.s. i know this video was uploaded a while ago. But I watched one video. Then another video was recommended so I clicked on it! And so far I'm never disappointed when that happens.

Paul Washington says:

Great video

kimmceee says:

looks great but how many of these do i do? are you counting up to a certain number or doing each for a certain amount of time?

Mohammed Tahir says:

How come I only have come to know of redefining strength only a few weeks ago?
Love the channel – very inspiring thanks Cori

By the way what trainers are you wearing?

Dejan Miletic says:

You are outstanding, after being overweight, finally some loss of weight, strength gain, good posture thanx to you….

Holly Bridges says:

I have lost 2 inches in my butt 😪🤔 and I am mixing bands and weights. I am a lot more time though!

Intentional Love says:

Tired opening the link to get the bands .. but won’t open

Alex Popowski says:

Is it okay to do all of these in one session? Trying to figure out which ones I would only need to do.

ghost_who_walks ! says:

Love all your videos soo much, and I especially love that you always end with the dog.

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