The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Each Muscle

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The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Each Muscle | 2018

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The Rogomerlin Review says:

Guy in tats teaching something that sounds cool af? Subcribed.. edit: Wow. You made the music too. Respect.

Victor Serra says:

You have to already be super strong before doing these exercises

Darth Benedict says:

In the case of people who are already advancing in training and are already getting stronger, bench dips is not optimal as it doesn't give them enough intensity. The exercise is good because it maximizes the triceps contraction because the humerus is extended right behind the body. But the parallel-bar tricep-focused dips is going to give more tension onto the muscle because you are using full bodyweight.
Another thing……. both dips are also limited to the fact that they are not placing the triceps at a deep stretch. There should be another exercize to fill up that gap. The bodyweight tricep extension is good for stretching the long head of the triceps with tension. The stretch is important as it gives the greatest tension on a muscle and gives more opportunity for eccentric overload.

Darth Benedict says:

Explosive training is not the best for muscle hypertrophy. When you are doing explosive push-ups you are not concentrating the work from the chest but you are as much as possible asking help from all muscle groups involved so you can move the weight(your body) more explosively. We are trying to look for the best exercise specifically targetting the chest and what we want is an exercise that mainly concentrates tension onto that particular muscle and using that muscle's functions in strict motion and as much as possible. That is not happening with explosive training.

Darth Benedict says:

And you ain't really talking about lat pulldowns. More like straight-arm pushdown. And how about the component of the lats' function that brings the humerus right behind the body. There must be a different exercise for that like a bodyweight row.

The front lever raises are good because it makes straight-arm scapular strength and directly using strength much more concentratedly from the lats

Darth Benedict says:

Another good reason the hefesto is a great bicep exercise is your are putting the biceps at a deeper stretch under tension making more eccentric tension on the biceps which is an important component for hypertrophy.

AtTheEnd1000 says:

U can literally see every strain of a muscle… wicked

Marc Steubing says:

Morning Motivation from the Best. Please release that track at 6:15. Cant wait for todays Video. My Bday is Feb 26th and wanna do 35 Muscle Ups sense I will be 35 years old.

Not Kleszczinio says:

the soundcloud doesn't have the music in this movie. Someone knows where to find her

Mohamed Irshad says:

The God of calisthenics – chris

Johnny Boiya says:

Another More Detailed Video On More Specific Muscle Groups Would Be Beneficial🙏🙏🙏

khalil agha says:

سبحان الله معلومات جميله واسلوب رائع ربي يهديك ان تتعرف علاسلام انت مبدع مشكور

Abdullah Qumper says:

I need tools for these exericese

who's Albert aretz says:

Cover glutes

Yura Mocherniuk says:

Amazing! It would be great to see the same video for more leg muscles, traps, obliques, erector spinae.

Dan says:

This dude is such a beast

FromBeToReality says:

who dat?!

it's suave!!! looking all suave doing what he do!!!!

Mark Castro says:

Chris, I’ve just discovered this type of training. I’m 54 years old, some if my joints hurt from 30+ years of weight training and running but your workouts push my body. I’ve used your apps (Thenx and Heria) and slowly am trying to get better. Thanks for the help. Mark C.

Jayvee Salva says:

Wouldn't wide push-ups be better for the chest because it uses the chest more than the arms?

Yuan Gao says:

can you make a student discount?

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