The best HOME CROSSFIT WORKOUT you can do | No Equipment Needed

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Update on Geoff Don’t Quit – Getting Physio – Jasmine is only 5.4 footlong subways long.



20 Seconds WORK | 10 Seconds REST for 8 ROUNDS (4 minutes total)

Pick a few different exercises and just got for it! 🙂

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Little T says:

Anyone else watching this during lockdown? Haha

Mabbpillo says:

Hahaha, you were listening to CNCO. Regueton Lento.

SilviaMilin says:

Omg cuuuute

Angie Scott says:

This video is disappointing bc you never did any crossfit exercises. Title is very misleading.

Lea O.L. says:

An old joke.
Priests can date Nuns,
As long as they don't
Get in the Habit.

siddhant choudhary says:

Why dont you make a short video..shithedaa

jon w says:

where is the "my name is geoff" clip from?

Berkay Çavuşoğlu says:

no equipment crossfit workouts are waited

Lukáš Herman says:

I just finished the workout #BeatLukas My score is: Push-ups – 37, Squats – 90, Sit-ups – 57, Lunges – 81 -> Final score: 263, beat me guys.

SpeKeRi says:

regarding Subway: ever tried mixing to sauces? (chipotle & bbq is my choice)

Natalie Schleicher says:

terrible video!

Brandon Sanchez says:

Did 96 on push-ups too
Only 74 sit-ups haha
156 air squats

Let’s see in 3months 😉

Iceman1 1 says:

The WWE championship in the back wall 🔥🔥

Bo Knows says:

You guys are brilliant!

Auke Veldman says:

Did it today; 111 push ups, 129 squats, 99 sit ups, 221 lunches

Kwolls says:

"You can't see us anymore so it doesn't count" = Like button smashed

Frank Nieman says:

#BeatedOlly haha

85 push-ups
139 air squads
82 sit-ups
137 jump lunges

Ron Robison says:

i did this tabata workout (jumping jacks instead of lunges) friday at 11pm and my legs are still sore Monday! trying to get fitter!

Nicholas Tan says:

Liked on that construction joke alone! 🤣

Bryan Mashburn says:

Smashed that like button for the Chipotle Southwest Sauce.

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