The BEST Shoulder Workout Without Weights!

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TheVlads Frontman says:

Are these to be done every day or is once every 2 days still good?

Ollie Smith says:

Guy turned into a table at the start

nwfl says:

Had I incorporated some of these movements I would have avoided my shoulder impingement for sure.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi says:

Man, some of the exercises look so deceiving. When you look at them they look incredibly simple and stupid. Then you try it and you instantly feel the strain :O

ixca tijerina says:

CEO of blue shorts

Tom Kaminski says:

Awesome as always! 🙌🏻👌🏻 thanks 🙏🏻

l'hommeauxrats says:

You guys probably don't have time to read all the comments but I tried that leg workout 2 days ago and have been walking like a crippled person since…. Never got that sort of burn on machines tbh so thanks a lot now random ppl on the street think I'm a special person :,) Going to try the shoulders today, hope it all goes well and I don't look further special needsy.

thatwolfyouknow says:

My favorite part of these videos is how encouraging they are:
Alex: It's totally normal if you can't lean yourself that far.
Me: Oh good, 'cause it looks like I can barely hold myself in a reverse planche.
Alex: Even if you can lean yourself only a little bit backwards, it's still a very effective exercise.
Me: Thanks, Alex, you're the best.

Gerrylynn Mako says:

Just do a couple hundred yards of bear walks and you will have huge shoulder that are burning like crazy

D birdflips says:

Saitama never trains with weights or a shirt! Neither do I😄

parthiban pe says:

I started calisthenics by watching ur videos from past 3 years , please make more videos n new techniques

Shu Pesmerga says:

0:30 – Hand Stand – 3 | 3-6 | 3 mins
1:55 – Reverse planche – 3 | 30 secs | 2 mins
3:15 – Reverse Ring Fly – 3 | 10-12 | 2 mins
4:15 – Prone Arm Circles – 3 | 40 secs | 2 mins

Petar Todorov says:

Beginners we all were….crap..
Beginner he never was,I am sure

Jeff the killer says:

There he is the blue shorts guy

Brian Winters says:

excellent video!!! still with team green!!!

Bharat Jha says:

make a video like this for legs also.

Chilodhar Pandey says:

Brother please trained me

Gaurav Varshney says:

More videos like this please. 🇮🇳🙏

GeorgijSosunov says:

Guter Stoff. Das letzte baue ich in meine Morgenroutine ein! 👌🏼

AlterEgoToGetBetter says:

…yes got it!omg

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