The BEST Total Body Home Workout (No Equipment NEEDED)

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Muhammad Midhlaj says:

How many days this workout in a week

Mathijs ten Hove says:

Just did the workout, now 5 min pause and then a 5km run while the sun sets, we out here living the best life!💪🏽

Brice Gabiro says:

I really hate leg raises…

Mahabub Molla says:

Jose t shirt is the most perfect thing in this world

Onedayilbeok says:

Well I almost done a push up the other day

alex Macou says:

He really makes doing that easy

Ants Anatomy says:

I have let myself go big time, I couldn’t do more than 10 pushups at a time when before I could drop 30. I’m inspired to get my gains back!

Skipnot Network says:

Workout at home

ART 1 says:

I already did something similar:
100 push-ups
100 crunches
200 sit-ups.

Truong Nguyen says:

So amazing and helpful workout. Beside it, I suggest all of you try this app, it's excellent. Please try it

Zamakh Vlogs says:

Im a person who doesnt workout much but do I start that much

M Karan says:

Should i do this daily

Saliou Samb says:

I was crying through it

Benjz Ruzol says:

Jose do I need to take a break for my muscles to heal or I will do it straight with no rest days?

Pp Pp says:

How many times should we do this a week?

Gokul Prasannan says:

How many days does it take to show a significant difference…..I have already started thing the routine and it's been like 10 days and I am still continuing

STYZeus Gaming says:

Damn that workout kick the shit out of me

ohh ohh says:

One like=One day of training.
I need motivation guys.

Bou says:

Love your content @teachingmensfashion really inspire me and would love if I could get some support to my channel!
Thank you

king craigo c.c says:

I really love you bro no homo though,you really boost my confidence and motivate me💓💯

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