The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout

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Four moves and eight minutes is all you need to complete this awesome ab workout! These four exercises can be done with modifications to make them as easy or as difficult as needed. Make sure to take time, and focus on form. These exercises aren’t about how quick you do them, but how well you do them.

Do the four exercises listed below for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between. Then repeat the four exercises for round two.

1) Classic Crunch
2) Plank
3) Cross Crunch
4) Rope Climbs

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Bariesh Kumar says:


Kasturi Dhulipalla says:

I had c section at 4years ago I had lower hanging belly stomach and side fat will this exercise will reduce if I do it regularly

Dayga says:

Why is it that every fitness instructor feels it's necessary to constantly talk throughout the video. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Ganga Prajapati says:

Does it reduce belly fat?

Ella Williams says:

First time here love ur workouts..frm Jamaica

Andrea Serna says:

👏👏👏👏 awesome

Michelle Lor says:

This is amazing!

Divija Patel says:

Are these workout effective?

Janice Cempron says:

First time doing this and it really hurts my stomach.. 😅

HaveFunKeepFit says:

Thank Coach! love this workout you created…love it

susan zhou says:

can do anyone? I mean men and women for both these are okay? right?

Shormy Afrin says:

Can I do this in addition to my daily exercise? When i've an uneven tummy but skinny body.😐😐

Christopher Lyanga says:

When i see it's a Girl's i think it easy exercise 😂😂

Carolina Herrera says:

I’ve been doing this workout for like a month, today I finally did the plank for full 45 seconds, and my mum noticed my results, this is my fav workout for abs, blessings from México🙏🏻💕

Mad maniac says:

Those women have some amazing muscle mass

Pranjali Soni says:

Should a slim person do this workout?

Lejani Arceo says:

This abs workout really helps. Thanks! 😀

Nokturhn says:

Lol I’m the 667th comment

Thomas Miriam says:

I usually ran in the morning but i decided to stay home and do this exercise.i follow stepney after doing it i had my back it some symptome of loosing fat also.

ZumBa ABCs says:

welcome to my channel

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