The Forgotten Bodyweight Exercise (REVERSE HYPER ALTERNATIVE)

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FitnessFAQs says:


Mahesh Parale says:

Hell yeah! Thank you very very much. Just starting off so I like the details about the form so that I wont mess up with the form itself which might hurt in the long run as youve explained. Awesome presentation!

Jason Odom says:

Man your videos are so on point. Keep it up man

Sai Krishna Prasad says:

The way you technically break down complex movement pattern is amazing. It makes it clear to pick what's appropriate and unique during training. Thanks.

Tristan Möller says:

Sometimes I’m not sure whether the example video you’re showing is the right way or the wrong way to do it.

Mojo Nandha says:

How old are you

Rotbart1337 says:

tough tits called prone glute raise

nutella drifter says:

Just what I needed for a compound lower-body exercise to replace hamstring curls! Question: how much of my body should be placed on the bench? Is it okay to be as far that I have to contract my abs or can I lie further up a bit, so my weight is supported by the pelvic bone?

Big Seksi says:

This will also help with low back pain from tight hip flexors.

lionel martin says:

Norwegian reverse hammy curls be good?

Tobeon2 says:

I am a certified personal trainer, but I have never thought about this simple, yet very beneficial exercise..Thank you!!

Saurabh Mishra says:

I shake while doing Planks Is it normal ?
Especially when i contaract gluets & abs

Hugh Hewit says:

oooh sexy gay boy xxxx

Petru Costan says:

Daamn Daniel nice legs 😀

messer3d says:

amazing brother! greetings from Paraguay!

Dege JB says:

I appreciate your shtregth😁

Danny Benhur says:

This guy's Muscle definition is great…

streetfightermt says:

Great video, thanks. Is this exercice safe for people with mild scoliosis?

RandomName says:

this is a mandatory exercise along with pistol squats, i don't know why motherfuckers always forget to include these for planche or front lever, i got stuck despite having decent shoulder strength and then i realize that i couldn't get my ass up in the air because of a weak lower back, glutes, hamstrings. I thought i was just trash at any type of planche, NO, IT'S YOUR FUCKING WEAK ASS GLUTES, LOWER BACK AND HAMSTRINGS. This is key for planche progression. Also if you have these muscles weak like mine, it's going to hurt, that little innocent movement right there is going to be a brutal exercise.

Arnav Rawat says:

His hamstrings have biceps

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