THE FULL MULTI gym workout, Tuesday + progress Sheet

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THE FULL MULTI gym workout, Tuesday’s routine, go to or for your FREE progress sheet so you can keep track on what weights you are lifting and how many reps you are doing over the weeks, This workout is a full workout routine with part bulking(making the muscle bigger) and part ripping(defining the muscle) all spread out over 4 videos showing you what to do and when to do it over 1 week, all you have to do is do it week after week, and its all FREE! Please like and Subscribe for more HD Videos. Check out my new invention for boxing training

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W E A T H E R C H A N N E L says:

I’m a skinny guy and I have a multi gym that’s like the one in this video but it’s bigger and has more things on it, I can’t do more than 3 butterflys. I can do loads of pulling the bar ontop down though. I can do about 5 push ups laying down too. I think I’m gaining muscle but I’m not sure.

liz jensen says:

my multi gym weights have two sets of numbers on ie 10kg in green and 20kg in red (*on each weight) any info would be good, cheers

Jenelle Al Qudah says:

Thanks from Down Under.

D Mos says:

Lol to light

Jack Hughes says:

Right we gonna do 12 reps…. Does 10…. Right we gonna do 10 reps now…. U just done 10 lol great video tho gonna use your videos for my workouts 👌

Edward Storm says:

Thumbs up. That editing at the start was sick

EliteCallum 17 says:

That ending tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ben Atkins says:

Is it normal that I only feel it in my biceps/shoulders during the exercise but really feel it aching in my chest the day after?

Patachon Tremblay says:

You are wonderful. Love your videos. They are the best I ever found. What is your advice for women on a home gym. Should they do less or with less weight. Thank you in advance.

Sergio Cruesten says:

The only problem with these gyms are they r light weight

Rehan Abid says:

What u advice for gaining muscle and losing fat in my body maintaining my current weight. How should I manage my calories?

Louis O'Connor says:

Multi-Gyms are great to target a total body workout this is such a great video!!! You can find more information about home gyms @

Gary Alcorn says:

Just wasted 14.54 of my life u scum bag

Hsn147 says:

really a problem solver ,, thx for the video

czinczar linn says:

Are you sure it's the right way to do butterfly ? I used to place my forearms against the big pads but now I have a small shoulder injury and it hurts a little bit doing it on the pads. So, do you think I can butterfly the way you do it ?

Petcut Marius says:

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Oi Tio says:

Can you tell me please when should i do 100-200 teps ? After every sets ?

Oi Tio says:

Richie please tell me which day , which exercises . I have limited and weak internet connection. I can’t print work sheet. I have work on ship and we have same machine. I want to a little bit stronger. Nobody care me .

Oi Tio says:

what is different between 1st and 2nd exercise?

Oscar Herrera says:

Like the way you explain,i'm working out with youre videos

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