The Hardest Hamstring Exercise | No Weights!

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Get BIG Legs, NO Weights:

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The Hardest Hamstring exercise without weights would have to be the nordic curl, also known as the harop curl or glute ham raise eccentric.

This is an exercise which should definitely be included in your hamstrings workout. The hamstrings are contracting eccentrically and are forced to work in both hip extension and knee flexion roles. The great part about this movement is when the hamstring stretches, you are also getting stronger at long muscle lengths. This combination of strengthening and stretching has been shown to prevent hamstring injury.

In this video FitnessFAQs takes you through three progressions and variations for this amazing exercise.

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FitnessFAQs says:

Get BIG Legs, NO Weights:


maGoH Labramonte says:

Got alternative ideas without this machine? Got a belt as support but unsure if I'm doing it right/safe.

Daniel Cooper says:

Is there an equivalent exercise to this for at home workouts with no equipment? Thanks

Lag says:

I'll be incorporating this exercise into the routine next month. I have a few questions though. What's the best way to do these at home without that bench? And should I only be doing the negative portion of this exercise? Or can I also pull myself back up and do the positive portion of this exercise if I can?

Matt Ferrara says:

Ya link the music thanks but not the equipment

QueensNative says:

Looks like you have to be in great shape before you can even dare to try this exercise, other you'll seriously hurt yourself..

eternity cosplay says:

Is this exercice harder than ghr ?

re4kennedy111 says:

I get calf cramps most of the times I try this exercise. Anybody else having the same problem?

Ben Miller says:

My bed is not heavy enough for this :/

Tommy Lau says:

i am trying to do it with one leg­čśé­čśÄ

Saad Rathore says:

what is the functional benefit of building hamstring muscles? do we even need too much strength in them while glutes are meant to do most work? stretching them makes sense.

CMK says:

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Richard Russell says:

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The Nickster says:

The equipment at home only allows me to do this exercise with plantar flexed feet… is this alright

Guillaume Combe says:

Hi Daniel, it looks that in this position, the muscles force just between 90┬░ to full extension, but no less, however in a deep squat you have hips lower than your knees, and so have a lower than 90┬░ angle. Dont you think that muscles are going to be unmuscled in this part of the ROM ?

Rocco Bobber Lone Rider says:

you dont do this , you SURVIVE THIS!

tr0uble07 says:

If you don't have access to the machine you can fit a pull up bar low to the ground – if you have one which uses cups/brackets screwed into to the door frame to secure it. (Everlast make a pull up bar that's 90% padded and comes with two sets of cups so you can switch between having the bar set up for pull ups and this or whatever height you choose to fix the second set at – costs less than ┬ú20)

Velha Guarda Tricolor says:

0:11 Are you sure it is OK to do that to your knee caps? It seems a lot of weight and stress on it.

Sham Rock says:

How many reps and sets do you recommend?

Jon G says:

Is this particular exercise for leg aesthetics? or will this also help with certain calisthenics skills?

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