The Home Workout Routine That Got Me Ripped

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Hadif Ukhail says:

easy when you were born skinny

sanchit sreekumar says:

Me watching this while eating donuts … hmm

Shashank Vats says:

What the hell, 10 sets of 10, man you're talking about pull ups

Average Teens | ATs says:

Me After Watch this video :

Nugi Khutsishvili says:

What does "simp" have to do with training and getting ripped? Are you saying people with regular life and regular job and who are not ripped with lean 1% abs are "simps"?
At least learn the meaning of the word and then put it up. Man, these people use words so badly, that's why problems accur a lot. Just wrong, that's all.

RxS23 says:

Anyone else get a clicking on elbows when doing push-ups

Rakshit says:

I did 200 push ups per session in the first week

Alright imma head out

Yaye binu moon says:

are u son of some ELF!!!???

J_Igbo _ says:

Get right with JESUS guys porn is a sin

A A says:

You need to go to full range of motion with all your workouts.

hey carl says:

ur video is entertaining and informative as well

Max says:

nvm this video slapped

Max says:

already had the chest foundation fraud

The Sorrow says:

well good job man

ViktheLOL says:

What did you do after the "chill day"? start this again or what?

RLY? lMAO says:

what if i can do only 5 push ups a day? xD i would get thay riped if my math is corect in 325 years xD

Amin_hd says:

Join my beginner challenge 💪😊

Dapapunaratra says:

basically you did move those minor gym equipment to your room. good work tho!

pvp G says:

unless ure viewer base is kids i suggest less try hard jokes

Chidozie not Henry says:

bruh the fact that you can get 100 pushups down in 10 min means you were never "out of shape"

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