The Most Fun 15 Minute Cardio Dance Fitness Workout EVER

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Gerrie Ouyang says:

The lights are confusing can’t see well

Joy Nicholson says:

Seriously the BEST YouTube dance excersise vid!! You ladies rock! Thank you

j.c * says:

I bet the entire kitchen is shaking downstairs

Sea turtles says:

Is this just dance?

sky sky says:


Anneraisa Ongwenyi says:

This is really intense though, couldn't last 5 min 😂

Purrking Longtail says:

This is great and thanks for the motivation 🙂

Marianne Gamboa says:

Powerful!!🎉 Sweat it out baby! My new favorite workout video! Keep posting video like this!☺️

Gacha Fishface says:

I think they forgot to put in breaks so I put them in myself

Laellak says:

It was all fun till i hut my toe:)

Nic Can says:

I’m guessing this is meant to view on the TV because I couldn’t make any of this out with the flashing lights so I basically jumped around for 15 minutes. Worked up a sweat soooo 🤷‍♀️

S M says:

Love this. I don't feel stupid if my body isn't coordinated enough. I just jump around until the next move .

Crislyn Lumerosa says:

loved this👍

Bluecat 72 says:

They move so quick I guess they thought that I can mind read of what they do next

Celeste Franke-Joyce says:

I'm a retired D1 athlete as of this year's graduation and trying to find new fun ways to workout during quarantine and wow, this is it. Thanks for being so fun and real!

Tika Fabulous says:

Nice job! I loved the mix of hiit and dance. Loved the background, lighting and music. Get it girls!!!

Mona Yun says:

Tried it for the first time today. Omigod!!!!!😩😩😩😩 exhausted is an understatement but fun!!! Definitely doing it again

Ana Ma. Bravo A says:

wdym i wasn't watching this with double speed? 😰

Jaimaicca Amar Labaya Rebuyon says:

Woaah, I'm so excited to do this! Hope I can make it till the end of the exercise 😩😊.

Nice job ladies, thank you!👏👏❤

Panayiota Kutsukos says:

This was great, definitely Tai Bo or Shelly McDonald inspired, love it

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