The Only Ab Exercise you really need!

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Alexander Petersen says:

I get shoulder pain when doing hanging leg raises. I dont get it with pullps, and not much when just holding, however, once I contract the abs and raise my legs the shoulders start to hurt. Any tips?

Harsh Panwar says:

I don't usually comment. But this is super helpful. Now I understand why planks just didn't feel effective earlier.

Yeetwch Y Baban says:

Damn corona

Ari Turbo says:

Great tutorial

Xinux _Vali says:

1:46 this look made me reconsider all the leg days i did in my life.

Rotten 5 says:

The problem I have with these exercises is that my shoulders give out first.

Mr ZOOM says:

How many times a week should I train the abs?

bird Samora says:

What park is this? It's beautiful

40Duce Trey says:

Your YT channel is so awesome. I'm still shocked how much content El Eggs and Sven pump out.

Super Saiyajinn says:

Leg raises : are we jokes to you ?

Zebefreo :D says:

Is it normal that my arms hurt while I'm doing the exercise with a pull up bar?

Jack says:

Front Squats, done.

Whited Out says:

0:18 "why are we here… just to suffer…"

Manoj Kumar says:

Can you reply me I need your help?

LV_RAIDERS478* says:

Man this man tge goat for real lol
Helps alot thanks …

Philip says:

That's why l-sit pull up is for me to tilt the pelvis

Yung Hippie says:

Damn your form is literally PERFECT

Salahudin Bintoro says:

is there any difference doing leg raises hanging on pull up bar vs holding on dip bar?

Tess Ney-Filomeno says:

wow makes so much sense why ive been getting such great results since simply adding hanging leg lifts (or i think thats what you call them?) into my workout! I also enjoy them wayyy more than any crunches etc. Feels so good to finally have a stronger core

Arsenal Forever ! says:

Another nonsensically titled video. ‘The only ab exercise you really need’ it reads. And yet there are a dozen or so being demonstrated.

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