The Perfect Beginner Calisthenics Workout!

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Had a great bodyweight workout with Cristian Reynaga on How to start Calisthenics as a beginner!

Find out the best way on How to start working out for beginners with this beginner calisthenics workout. In this video we go through some great exercises that will help you build a strong and solid foundation.

I hope that this video will help you out to start with Calisthenics. Please like, comment and share the video if you find it helpfull ! I would really appreciate it.

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VIDEO, CUT & EDIT: Anthony Navarro

Video Location: Force 12 Training Center

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Frank Medrano says:

Please like, comment and share the video if you find it helpfull ! I would really appreciate it 🙏

lucutes says:

Something actually new

Elizabeth Palu says:

Love these workouts-thank you so much for sharing this

kid rod says:

it's nice

Callum Mcananey says:

When u say max reps what do u mean

ExpBlissIt says:

Boyfriend who's really fit said I wouldent be able to do Calisthenics when I told him I was looking into it… Time to prove him wrong.

Reggie Jackson says:

Thanks bro !!!!

Emils Pipars says:

can i do ordinary pull ups instead of floor pullups if i have a pull up bar?

John Carl YT says:

name of the background music?

R Tech says:

have always had problems with belly fat. After just one month of following diet plan from *Next Level Diet*, I can almost see my six pack. Don't wait, take your plan now!

jmrheaume1 says:

Be careful when you purchase a package, I bought Beginner Superhuman and 4Wk Shread. My Beginner link is no longer under my account because it was purchased in 2016. Was told it is no longer supported. Contacted tech support with my original bill to no avail. So again be careful

Denxieyyy says:

Joyner Lucas doing calisthenics.

Алек Макс says:

Супер, Спасибо!!

Dobadoo says:

I wanted to buy a pull up bar , but thanks to covid 19.. I'm only doing basic exercise…

jon gon says:

where can i buy a lower bar

Michael Rose says:

This workout made me realise how poor my core strength is. Fantastic but initially HARD!

Giancarlo Arrambide says:

Hey budd I have a begginer question I just been doing calisthenics for about 8 weeks now and I just started transitioning into full body weight pull ups but my shoulders are killing me not like soreness but actuall pain. Any thoughts on this?

Taylor R says:

I just did this workout. I did incline and knee push ups instead since I'm trying to build up my push ups. I a woman by the way. I'm ready to get fit! I was looking for the best beginner workout all day and this was perfect. I did this routine twice through and it took me an hour. Body is feeling good though. 😊👏

Splyfen says:

Hey man, how often do I do these workouts? Like should I do it every day or one day on and one day off

WhosChina says:

4:45 What's that bar they use called?

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