The PERFECT Shoulder Workout (NO WEIGHTS)

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This FitnessFAQs video covers the perfect shoulder workout without equipment and no weights. The good news? The workout can be done at home or while travelling. This home shoulder workout can be followed by both men and women as each exercise can be scaled in difficulty. If you’re involved in calisthenics or bodybuilding, this workout is going to be fun. The workout consists of the pseudo planche push up, pike push up, handstand, pseudo planche lean and pushup hold.

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FitnessFAQs says:

My Calisthenics Programs:


Jake Walker says:

It really is the perfect one! 🇺🇸

rahul murthy says:

Definitely not for Corona Lock down sitting at home, don't know what to do people. This is for the initated workout enthusiasts.

Sai Govind says:

Yes we all know corona brought us here. Just shut uo and start working out.

Marvin Luhexa says:

i have no body flexibility for doing pike push ups. gave up

Al Mol says:

I dont even have many of those muscles…

Iman Irfan says:

Can someone tell me when is the perfect time to inhale and exhale for every exercise ?

Johnathan Doe says:

Yeah… my tight hamstrings won’t let me do half of these lol. Think surgical lengthenings my only hope been daily stretching/releasing for months with no extra range of motion in them.

Dyson Spreybar says:

Quarantine gang

Faith Kalekale says:

Anyone else here because the gym is closed due to COVID-19😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Mucho tv says:

This is very usefull

SuperSyro says:

Smh this is what corona virus got me doing 😭

Can TÜRE says:

plesase add the turkısh language

Asiunia24021992 says:

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Himanshu Kuniyal says:

Came here in search of home workout during Coronavirus times and subbed immediately. Amazing content, that too free of cost. Thank you.

Sergey Shelest says:

Looks really powerful. Started today and will continue. Would also be great to know how you inhale and exhale properly during the exercises.

Darius Stonkus says:

How there are 149 dislikes, seriously peeps

Omer Iz says:

Who else is here because of the coronavirus situation 👇🏼

Sug says:

Who is staying quarentine. ?

Alexander Sp. says:

CoronaVirus brought me here

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