The SCIENCE of Resistance Band Booty Exercises

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I strongly believe in training with a Booty Band – it’s honestly helped me so much with my glute growth, especially during a time where I felt like my growth was plateauing and I was not seeing as much results. The FREE 8-week plan incorporates COUNTLESS exercises and workouts that are resistance-band focused and have helped me with growing my booty! ❤️This is one of my booty growing secrets and I wanted to share it with you all!



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➢5 STAPLE SHOULDER EXERCISES | A Scientific Approach to Training Shoulders:
➢6 EXERCISES TO GROW YOUR HIPS | A Scientific Approach to Training Hips:
➢6 NEW EXERCISES TO GROW YOUR HIPS | A Scientific Approach
➢EXERCISES FOR GLUTE GROWTH & STRENGTH | A Scientific Approach to Training the Glutes:
➢EXERCISES FOR GROWING THE UNDERBUTT | A Scientific Approach to Training the Underbutt

➢Not Your Typical Bicep Workout:
➢Not Your Typical Lower Body Workout:
➢Not Your Typical Shoulder Workout:
➢Not Your Typical Glute Workout:

➢1. Banded Hip Thrusts 4×12-15
➢2. Lateral Side-Step 4×12-15
➢3. Banded Squats 4×12-15
➢4. Banded Cable Squats 4×12-15
➢5. Angled Side-Step 4×12-15


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Lucy xo

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Jewelz says:

Why is the site asking for a password???

Andy Tran says:

You smashed this video 👏🏻

Amanda H says:

For the love of god… those sound effects are so distracting.

Nik Pudding says:

Can I still get great results using resistance bands at home? I can't afford gym (after quarantine obvs)

bluerose 28 says:

How do I get rid of hip dips? My ribs and my hips are only 1 inch apart when I sit they touch. I am 4"11 140 lbs . Most my weight is carried in my lower half. Also have Broad shoulders .

Roberta Bobbie says:

Hi Lucy, I love your workout. Thanks! Please can you show us any booty exercises with bands at home? Gyms are shut 😔😔😔😔😔

TheLongshot1982 says:

Squat in my face

Mel Thompson says:

Just getting into my fitness and I loved how you scientifically explained the way the different exercises worked each of the muscles. It was well informed and I love that you showed your sources. I find some fitness gurus don’t support the facts they share. Amazing video, you earned a subscriber

AGrlCanMAC says:

Thank you for this video. It is really helpful!!! You’ve got a new follower. 🙂

Majo G says:

I'm from the Philippines how I order☹️

Crytra says:

You got hip dips though.. how to convince me to get rid of hip dips?

Brad Peterson says:

Anyway I'll always sub awesome Canadians

Brad Peterson says:

I'm sorry you're saying I will gain butt size with this exercise? I'm a 67 pounds lighter than last year I'm not interested in more butt

Brad Peterson says:

Thanks for the education and information, instructive without showboating, how wonderfully Canadian

Shaniceee says:

So helpful 😭❤️

Aaliyah Smith says:

Im about to order a resistance band and this video helped! Im lookimg forward to my journey. Also i wanted to add that you are pretty!

Heather Oliver Fitness says:

This was great!! I love learning the science! Thanks for sharing

Limeava says:

Finally someone that dosent just want to show they booty…. Now i know how to properly activate them!

Areal Hughes says:

I'm a new subbie…will you be restocking this band soon?

sunnysideup says:

I have the rubber ones and they’re super fucking annoying.

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