The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Kettlebell Khaos)

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In this ultimate kettlebell workout you will combine 3 different workout protocols into one ultimate kettlebell workout called Kettlebell Khaos

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All forms of exercises will help to stimulate the release of testosterone not only during the workout but research show that you can also spike T-Levles post workouts as well.

Short, total body workouts with resistance that are high intensity will work to stimulate the greatest release of testosterone.

On the other hand doing, long slow cardio, like jogging sessions on the treadmill will release more cortisol, which has negative effect on your testosterone levels and causes fat storage around the belly.

And research has found that men who regularly run long distances have lower long term testosterone levels than even the non-athletic control group.

Also you should understand that there are 4 main hormones, which are the most researched in relation to strength training, that are released during your workout, which are Testosterones, GH (Growth Hormones), IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) and cortisol.

In order to keep your T-Levels, GH and IGF adequate during your workout session, try and keep your workouts under 35 minutes. Sessions longer than this will see a decrease in muscle building hormones and an increase in the fat storing cortisol.


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Kettlebell Khaos Workout

Round 1 – Complex 2:20
Perform each exercise one after the other for 5 reps each starting with one side and then repeat for the other side/arm.
Continue for 10 minutes straight.
KB Push Ups
KB Rows
KB Deadlift
KB Clean
KB Racked Squat
KB Press

Round 2 – Metabolic Circuit 3:42
Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 second rest oner after the other for 2 straight rounds
KB Snatch
Kb Goblet Squat and Reverse Lunge
KB Alternating Single Arm Swings
KB Cross Body Clean
KB Swing to Squat

Round 3 – Ladder Finisher 5:49
Perform burpees and swing in a ascending and descending ladder format starting with 1 KB Swing and 7 Burpees
KB Swings 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Burpees 7-6-5-4-3-2-1

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Matthew Engelson says:

This workout using only one kettlebell is excellent. You don't see this too often. Much appreciated.

Ríastrad says:

In the second set how many rounds? Is it 7? Snatch x2 (ES), Cross body clean x2 (ES)?

M. Daniels says:

good workout!

Mathew Rolfe says:

Loved this workout! It’s a beast indeed but undoubtedly effective. Might have cried a bit toward the end😬

anathema01 says:

what is weight kettlebell

Dan Duncan says:

I’m finding I’m completing the workout in about 25 mins… 10 mins each for the first two rounds and about 5 for the last one, am I missing something??

Mike Wong says:

Doc Funk got me with the intro alone. Picking up the program now. 🤓

Julia Rodrigues says:

We sell workouts supplies at a great price barbell plates dumbells kettlebells and more!

TheWeardale1 says:

good routine, but a nightmare to navigate as the sets and the actual exercises jump all over the place…it's a no from me…

Tommy Li says:

used 12kg kettlebell. a bit challenging but achievable. great workout

Derek Drury says:

Turning 39 this summer and working to get back in shape. I love the the fact that you presented research to show how to maximize fat burning and growth hormone production. Thank you! I will definitely be including those in my workouts. Love your videos. Keep ‘em coming!

M B says:

This workout rocks! Thanks! 👍🏽👍🏽

TheWeardale1 says:

great, I'll try this tomorrow… will kill me as I've got a 24kg and a 28kg kettlebell..

originalDNAgirl says:

How do I know what weight to do? Is it literally what I can manage?

MrIlan2010 says:

Did it today with a light (so I thought) 16kg kettlebell. Almost died in the end of the second round
Awesome 30min full body workout that will be added to my week routine!

Kelly James says:

Why under 35 minutes?

Jits 82 says:

Hey Funk, when I got interested in kettlebells about 8 years ago your video’s where the first ones I came across on youtube and I looked no further. You’ve been my go to ever since. Thank you sir, and a big hello from the UK.

D Hope says:

This is a great workout! But I am going to call you out a few things: Your kettlebell swing form (no "pop" in the hips—that's how you drive the bell back up, it's now just an "arm/shoulder" swing; and your squat form—what, no hip hinge? You should be hingeing with your deadlifts also, unless these are supposed to be straight-leg deadlifts. Form / Everything. Other than that, this is a dynamic workout that will definitely shred your "old ass." Fk it. 50 is then new 40!

Tnt Huell says:

This made me feel like, “Elizabeth I’m coming to join you honey” just like Fred Sanford said. Bro, through this scary Corona virus storm we are going through, I want you know that this helps in clearing the mind of it for a few minutes. Thank you very much.

pianovocal says:

is this workout a good workout for females. Is this video a total body workout?

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