Tibialis Anterior Workout @ Home! – No Gym Needed!

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Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a great year and I wish you the best for the next one!
In this video, I’ll show you how to work your tibialis anterior muscle at home! What is the tibialis anterior? It’s an antagonist muscle to your calf muscle, it is tricky to build and develop but just follow these exercises and you’ll fire them up in no time!

These muscles are great for your balance and to keep an overall symmetry in your legs, a lot of you have been asking me how I managed to get my TAs looking the way they do, so here’s to all of you!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments, I’m always reading you and I love your feedback and answering your questions!

Moji out!


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Aldri says:

Im incorporating the plate raise into my leg day

NO €xcuses says:

Thanks 😊

Sakil Ahmed says:

thanks 😊 sir 👍 love from India ♥️

Mario Almazan says:

As a skateboarder I thank you

Jerry Villalobos says:

Question. Would working out the tibialis anterior help with knee recovery. I know it helps with prevention but not sure about recovery

John Michael says:

What about the Tibialis Posterier. Can we get a video on that? Thats where my pain is

Glen Quagmire says:

Great looking legs! Motivation for leg day.

hakan mavruk says:

Brother now i know why my calfs look thin compared to my other muscles thank you so much im subscribed to your channel i never knew you had to train this muscle i was just doing regular calf raises and solus but thanks again so helpful 💯💯

Zack James says:

I'm trying to grow my tibialis to be huge, thanks for this! Blessings

pal says:

Wow,people who has skinny calves can also work this muscle for overall development,thanks man

Dylanhism says:

Great content and detail, thanks for the effort and time you put in for this video 🙂

Yeayea says:

No gym needed, just a bingo weights and a dumbbell.

Max S says:

It's a very important muscle for toe hooks in climbing, yet I had to find you to get a proper training method. great job!

Leo Iheb Mejri says:

I was having bad leg cramps (calf muscle) and I eventually found myself researching how to strengthen the muscle that serves the function of relieving the contraction of my calf. This video was only a few searches away so thank you.
Kind of like how you would relieve the contraction of the Bicep by activating the Tricep, I was searching for which muscle would be able to accomplish the same with the calf.
Exploring here but I think this might solve my problems. I'd never specifically focused on it before so it's only natural it's not as developed as my calf. I have a similar problem of imbalance between my 'monster' quads in relation to my hamstrings. No bueno.

Anmol Dadwal says:

Actually i have bow legs..so should i do these exercises coz my anterior muscle is stressed most of d time.

Know 1squarter says:

Clever and simple. Thank you.

Jonathan Lee says:

Try standing on 1 leg and raising your toes. Pushing through your heel or hallus bone.

Malcolm Lagares says:

This is a really good video. Thank you so much for sharing. : ) Best Tibialis Anterior video I have seen. Thank you sir. : )

Manuel Peters says:

My favourit muscle ♥️💪🏼

David Hammer says:

Great video!! Never heard of this movement but I'm looking forward to training it

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