Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Workout Routine | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

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Tom Brady’s workout routine is the key to his longevity. His athletic trainer, Alex Guerrero, breaks down the unique band workout that’s gotten Tom prepared for his record-breaking number of Super Bowls. Watch more Men’s Health ‘Train Like a Celebrity’ videos HERE:

• Banded Run
• Standing Row (1 set to failure)
• Banded Pushup (1 set to failure)
• Banded Core Rotation (1 set to failure)
• Banded Deadlift (1 set to failure)
• Banded Bicep Curl (1 set to failure)
• Banded Tricep Extension (1 set to failure)
• Deceleration Lunges (1 set to failure)
• Banded Shoulder Press (1 set to failure)
• X Band Squat (1 set to failure)

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Dr. Stephen Stokes DC says:

No knees over toes… I don’t know man, opinions differ😉

A.Krishna Akhil says:

Bro, why that dude going so fast at the workouts, lmao

Kristina Campbell says:

Love this! This 55 year old mom crushed it;! As best I can😊

Josh KW2 says:

I like Brady but come on, he couldn’t show up for the video

a s says:

So Brady does not use weights anymore? Or has never used?

American Trash says:

This is a fucking warm up

Samantha Shiplett says:

I love Tom Brady and His Wife Gisele Budchen and they Kids 💜

Ken Craig says:

Welcome to Mark Rippetoe’s Nightmare 😦

Michael Andrew says:

Crazy how basic this is and brady had 7 superbowls

Aaron Picar says:

I hate Tom Brady, but this is a solid workout anyone can do.

Nima says:

I don’t even really follow football but I’m here after Brady’s 7th ring! Actually he’s not really very buff at all, proves that athleticism is so much more

XBnPC says:

This guy looks like he's wacking off during every exercise…calm the f down bro. 1000 reps a second isn't necessary and if I saw you or anyone else in the gym going hyperspeed I'd be lmao

Dan Guerriero says:

How many reps of these exercises does tom do in the off season?

Quang Nguyen says:

no stretching before workout?

Robert Prochnow says:

Do you even lift, bro?

Namibia says:

Where can u buy the metal peaces to nail to the wall for the bands

Doug Bruce says:

But where’s Tom?

The Roo Lyfe International Show says:

Tom Brady is the GOAT 🐐 may not like his political views or lifestyle but much respect ✊🏿

Jeremiah Herrera says:

I mean your not really building muscle with rubber bands

Julian Muheirwe Marvin says:

Guys in the comment section hating on Brady's in-season band workouts. Yet they are all obese with a keyboard to vent with.

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