Tone Your Arms Workout – No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE)

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Tone Arms | Tone Arms At Home | Workout | Quick | Intense Workout

Welcome back to Thursday Workouts. This week, we are doing an arm workout, no-stop for 6 minutes.

Now, this may seem like its going to be so easy and simple, but let me tell you – its HARD! I remember when I first started doing these kinds of movements for my arms, they would burn and Id only last until about halfway through.

Although this arm routine is short, its very effective and tones your arms and shoulders. No equipment is needed, and you can put on your own music and just go for it.

I love doing this whenever I want to do an arm workout, so I hope you all enjoy!

Love, Holly x

Instagram: @hollydolke

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august bell says:

start doing this two months ago, twice a week (at least , on off lol) i lost almost 2 cm for my both arms . thank you so much. i’m enjoying this as i no longer need breaks in between 👍🏻💪🏻

imaan islam says:

this is so hard!!!!

Maja Alexandra says:

I've done this for like 3 days, and my arms are already way more toned wtf. this is amazing

KaeLynn Dean says:

I am so happy to find you! God bless you! 🙏🏼❤️

Emilia Nurminen says:

Trird time ever and i succesfully did it without pauses or putting my hands down, woop woop! 😄

Manuela Segers says:

Done if for the third time now and it actually has gotten a tick easier!

Oops says:

The first time I tried this workout video, I couldn't help but drop my arms.
Today was the fourth time I tried and I've dropped them just once, haha!
Feeling proud!

Morgan Kauffman says:

This is one of my FAVORITE ARM WORKOUTS! I've been doing this one for about a year. when i first started it i would put my arms done and just want to be done. Now I can get through this arm workout without putting my arms down… which means im stronger! thank you so much holly! sending lots of love from the united states

Christine Joyce Gonzales says:

My arms are burning right now haha

Blackpink TV says:

it's my 2nd day doing this workout without pause 💕 I hope this will tone up my thin arms lol 😂 I will do this everyday 💪😉

Yashika Jaiswal says:

It took me 4 days to do these exercises without a break and efficiently.. but…
Exercise 4:004:52 was still the hard one for me…

Jasmine says:

Starting today for the next 30 days atleast and posting here the results. I really hope I don't lose the motivation! I ll be doing this in a sitting posture bc im lazy as fuck. (no breaks)
✔️Day 1- Felt the sting towards the end especially during the long circles and I felt something towards my finger tips. Enjoyed the workout overall.

Margot Beck says:

trying to have a quarantine glow up. i’m really out of shape but I want to push myself!
Day 1 (March 26): Done!

damn it's hot says:

Can it help gain muscles ?

Paige Wardingley says:

How many times a day/week are we supposed to do this for.Once everyday ?

Charlotte Buenafe says:

it's my fourth day and I'm doing this twice a day every morning and evening ♥️♥️

Cheryl Ferry says:

lollll yea I can't keep my arms up that long

Jennie Elizabeth Anne Edwards says:

I love this workout! I have been performing it twice a day for 5 days now 🔥🔥

shofiyyah karimah says:

me before doing it: that looks easy and only 7mins
after third moves i couldn't lift my arm

J.J. Collins says:

Bejeezus I can’t even get past the 5 minute mark.

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