Toned, Tank Top Arms in 12 Minutes! How to Lose Arm Fat Workout for Beginners, Home Fitness

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In this video, Joy Scola shares a basic fitness training to help lose unwanted arm fat and tone the upper body.
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Toned, Tank Top Arms in 12 Minutes! How to Lose #ArmFat #Workout for Beginners, Home Fitness

In this video, Joy Scola shares a basic fitness training to help lose unwanted arm fat and tone the upper body. These exercises to tone arms can be done at home as fast as 12 minutes day to get lean, sexy arms and shoulders! This routine is great for men and women of all ages including teenagers.

The video can be done with or without resistance bands. If you want to learn how to use resistance bands.

Featuring Joy Scola, instructor of yoga, acro yoga and gymnastics.

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PsycheTruth says:

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Ana Pace says:

where can I find the part 1 ?

Makeup Kristi says:

This was a good workout! Thank you!

Mor 98 says:

i have booty resistance bands but thought theyd work for anything how do i get super stretchy ones like hers?

Ivette v says:

did this standing up, since I have one bad knee – same workout – thanks, 🙂

Lindsey Novak says:

Please suggest the type of resistance bands to use. I have three levels but they are much shorter than the ones you use. Thanks. My arms need this workout.

Jade Blake says:

Just found this and really enjoyed it! Almo6like personal training at home❤ have been really struggling with finding not only guidance but motivation to use my resistance bands that I bought! My goal is to become extremely comfortable with the bands before I move to gym work outs as I'm pretty self conscious on my form and abilities and such!

Nimo Gachui says:

Thanks girl

Martina says:

she is hilarious! love her!!!

Brenda Rodriguez says:

Day 3. I really like this workout, thank you!

Anna W says:

What arm/resistance bands are you using?

CEO Tere09 says:

What size of arm band should I use for my arms?

Emma Atregenio says:

It was all good until the push ups came to play

Average Dark says:

I'll try this 🙂 I'm a beginner so I'll start w/o bands lmao

Gabrielė Briedytė says:

thanks great work out

pranati devi says:

What is name this belt

Britt S says:

Do you have a link for the bands you use?

Robin Holbrook says:

So many uneducated comments about the breathing! PILATES BREATH! Look it up! A GOOD instructor, like her, will emphasize it! 🌹

Chloe Littlewood says:

Really good instructions I messed up on the planking though this vid is so good for beginners thank you

Claudette Ansberry says:

Loved it. I am new at using these bands. Your video was great! Easy to follow, and thank you for doing the breathing….I tend to hold my breath, so it was a great reminder of when and how to breath along.

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