Top 10 Hamstrings Exercises | BJ Gaddour Leg Workouts

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These are the top 10 hamstrings exercises from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator.
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By far the biggest request I’ve gotten is to share my favorite hamstrings (or MAN-STRINGS) exercises. Here are my top 10, using a mix of basic and premium equipment. The key to building your hamstrings is to perform an eclectic mix of knee flexion (leg curls) and hip extension (hip-hinging) moves to work both the low and high hamstrings. Moves like stability ball leg curls kill 2 birds with one stone by training knee flexion while maintaining hip extension, making it the most important move if you had to pick just 1.

1. Band Leg Curls
2. Stability Ball Leg Curls
3. Band-Resisted Rolling Leg Curls
4. Feet-Elevated Hip Thrusts
5. 1-Arm Bulgarian Hip Hinges
6. Swings
7. Glute-Ham Raises (GHR) & Russian Leg Curls
8. Wide-Stance Landmine Sumo Hip Hinges
9. 1-Arm Landmine Hip-Hinges
10. Dual Landmine Hip-Hinges (Parallel & Staggered)

The hamstrings are a very powerful muscle group that leans more fast-twitch so it responds handsomely to lower (3-6) to medium reps (8-12). But like with any muscle group, for max GAINZ use all loads and all rep ranges for best results. I love doing lower reps with high-tension strength moves like GHRs and Hip-Hinges. The band, single-leg, and bodyweight work is great for higher reps for more metabolic stress (pump and burn).

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Jesse Jameson says:

You deserve 10,000 likes for being able to commentate so well while working out like that !!!

Ali A says:

In 9:05, Whats that foam piece under your knees please? And where can I buy it from?

Realplayerboy1 Roblox says:

What to do for calves bro
Lower shin is small, how to make it full?

Island Mike says:

Skips calf day ..

chikita bonita says:

Damn! The best video!

Rafinha Latvezzi says:

Those shorts from Baby Gap were very cringe to watch

Mark Rendon says:

Wow! BJ yr hams are killer bro! Nice set of wheels…Respect! Will be adding some new moves to my leg routine! Thanks soo much🙏💪💪💪💪

Darren Tod says:

Damn, that's the body I'm working for! Love the shorts!!!

PBS #007 says:

nice straight to the point,, great..

SL twentyeight says:

Thumbnail. Thought that was a toilet.

Permian Based says:

Dudes legs are sexy af no homo

Luke Howe says:

hardest things for me to train at home thank this video is solid gold. my mind is blown.

Rise and Shine says:

Awesome video.

Yonis Harrier says:

Get some mass on your legs first, boy.

Banzai Banzai says:

Omg…look at those legs… heaven

ZEED UP says:

Awesome video

Caramel Drop says:

Absolutely beautiful outdoor setup!

Berd Tim says:

Excellent exercises, excellent execution, very inspiring

Esalay Monae says:

Dang! Awesome legs, I need hamstrings like that. Entire body on point I need you as a personal trainer.

Hanna says:

7:45 10:50 why my lower back hurts so bad doing these exercises? 😦 (I used a dumbbell )

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