Top 3 Exercises for Torn Rotator Cuff

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Chad Madden, Physical Therapist, demonstrates the Top 3 Exercises for a Rotator Cuff Injury.

Before and After Video for Full Thickness RTC Tear:

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Dan Guerriero says:

Instead of bands can you use light weights

Miguel Ramirez says:

Going to try these exercises at the gym wire machine, after the Corona virus calms down

Sue Jackson says:

After suffering with shoulder pain for about 2 months with no improvement even from complete rest, I have done these exercises for 2 weeks and that's it! My shoulder is almost fully recovered! It still needs to get back to full strength but I no longer have the sharp pain from slight movements like putting my hand on the steering wheel or putting my arm in my coat sleeve. I could feel the exercises opening up my shoulder and relieving what I'm sure was impingement rather than a full tear (self diagnosed). Thank you so much for the video. I'm carrying on with the home physio for longer until it's completely fixed.

Lance Hanna says:

What if these exercises make it hurt worse? Is this normal for awhile?

farah khan says:

Please reply sir I got accident 2nd of January 2020 and injured on shoulder partial tendon tear
And till now I am not able to up my hand self please suggest

T GB says:

The problem with my rotator cuff is the tendon has shrunk quite a ways off the bone.  My doctor said surgery would probably not help.  He said he could stretch the tendon and attach it back on the bone, but the tendon would more than likely stretch back off the bone.  Are these exercises good for what I'm describing?

Muffin Clyde says:

Can a rotator cuff heal if I tore all the muscles in my rotator cuff?

Prakash Chamarthy says:

Hello Dr. Madden. I played badminton too much(advanced level) and started to get pain in my right shoulder recently. I had an MRI last week for my right shoulder and doctor told me that I have full thickness Rotator cuff tear of 6mm and I have to undergo shoulder anthroscopic surgery for this.
Can I do these exercises with my rotator cuff tear. Will these exercises work for me. Please let me know. I do not prefer to undergo Surgery.

jravell says:

My RC has been hurting for the past week, and these exercises hurt my RC. Is my tear too severe, or are there other exercises for me to do?
The pain wasn't debilitating for the first few days, but even though I tried to let it relax it still has grown worse by the day. In a couple of days I'll be seeing someone for rehab exercises to do at home, but I'm looking to perhaps educate myself on the subject before I go in.

marblesrichard says:

How may reps do you suggest of each exercise

lmccra says:

I don't think Dr. Madden is monitoring these comments anymore, so if somebody has had experience with using a shoulder stabilizing brace – I'm using it mostly at night in bed because that's when I feel the pain. I think that I might be re-injuring the area while sleeping, and the shoulder brace prevents that. If it's a tear, it's probably a smallish one. These exercises are helping too. I just found this video yesterday.

Howdy Doody says:

That 3rd exercise external rotation causes lots of pain and weakness. Should I keep doing those with light resistance?

Justin W says:

did he say to look for that band in borders book store?

Ally Overman says:

My therapist already have to do all of those

Swayzee68 says:

Teehee: "heighth". Joking aside, thanks for the video, I'll give this a try!

hitturkey24 says:

it can heal only itself by nutiritionand only wet cupping cures it because oxygen and food goes there to cure it when you take the dirty blood and fresh blood goes there

KE MO says:

the 3 exercise gives me pain.. is that normal? should it be a relief? plese help!

Fabricio Moreira says:

hey guys I know it can be frustrating having any type of injuries,,, but I had a rotator cuff tear followed these exercises and I am pretty happy with my development and what I achieved… thank you  and don't give up

Barry Gell says:

Thank you for the easy to understand explanations!

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