Top 3 Supraspinatus Tendonitis Treatments & Exercise (Do It Yourself)

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Famous Physical Therapists present the Top 3 Supraspinatus Tendonitis treatments and exercise that you can do yourself. Easy to do and very effective.

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رؤى starz says:

Hi there, my daughter is 13 years, she is a fins swimmer, she got a recurrent supraspinatus tendinitis alternating in her rt and lt shoulders. Just wanna stop it cause it is annoying and preventing her from practicing her sport
N. B. She only plays free style and streamline swimming

R. Romanova says:

I have supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendinopathy diagosed through MRI. I tried these three exercises and indeed helped with my shoulder pain! Thanks for sharing these tips!

Nancy Mench says:

Is this after surgery or not


Sometimes you don't know how uncomfortable something is until you're relieved of it

HillaryS. K says:

Do you ever recommend electronic stim for this type of condition?

kaccha nimbu says:

Dear sir

This is my MRI report
partial thickness tear 30% of distal supraspinatus tendon involving the anterior articular fibers

Kindly advise

It will heal without surgery
And how much time take


Well It Happens says:

For me it's a STOP, STOP, STOP. It's slightly over a month since i got a bike accident.

My Name is Gladiator says:

Bob & Brad, I tried to put my right arm in the position behind my back like you do around 1:05 and my shoulder is too painful to even keep my arm in that position. Is that Supraspinatus Tendonitis in all likelihood? (without asking for an actual diagnosis over the internet!)

Thrillseeker8922 says:

2:00 – Exactly my case.

Charles H. Rogers III says:

Another awesome stretch! Y'all make it too easy! I can feel the pressure release when i do the exercises! AWESOME! Thank you for what you do! May Yahweh bless you and your families!

Ki Te says:

1:40 3:42 4:17

Christine Grey says:

The referred pain down my arm vwont allow me to put my arm behind my back so I can't do the massage. I will try the pressing on the table.

Marcin Terlecki says:

I can locate the pain with my finger and I press on it. The pain goes away after 30 seconds and I'm fine to move my shoulder but then pain comes back 😭

Sumith Reddy says:

Thanku bob and brad

Aaron V says:

The massage helped heaps!!! Do I just continue to do it until the pain is gone?

Nazri Mokhtar says:

I can't even do that

suman242 says:

Massage is the main thing

Karla H says:

You guys are simply THE BEST!! Thank you for helping people with your videos and recommendations. Your knowledge and expertise are appreciated.

Jay Blumenstein says:

The push down the table exercise (toward the end) just fixed my shoulder – pain substantially lower afterwards. Thanks guys !

Sabina Puri says:

what is this? it is a miracle .. i hv tried once and gone omg thanks a lot

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