Top 4 Bodyweight UPPER CHEST Exercises!

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Austin Dunham says:

Just hit 100k on Instagram! GIVEAWAY and challenge coming soon!!!

kiriangaya says:

Bro that face at 1:59😂

Matthew Messenger says:

When you do chest, do you do upper and lower chest one day, and then outer and inner chest the next time you do chest, or do you do it all in one day?

Ömer Faruk says:

F91w is best watch all of time

Kudret Gezer says:

Casio Asker saati kullanan mütevazi amerikalı…

Rizzle says:

The first 2 days using this i can feel it in my right upper chest. Now i can't feel it.. 🙁

Nike Air says:

Doing all of them



Nein K says:

You look like the protagonist in the first purge

physcadlic khen says:

Top man..great workout…thnx

Sayangona Sayangona says:

My left chest is big for right now . But my right chest was imbalance muscle .. How to fix it at home ?

Paul Lee says:

AD, certainly I will all variations. Currently I’m working on my front lever.

Martin Clark says:

No dive bomber pushups?

red dragon says:

where hand stand diamond push ups

Dariean Philpot says:

thanks a lot now I can put this in my work out

Ben P says:

Are they going to work if you do in a punch 🤛 system?

Aymen Youssef says:

Nice carpet✌️😄

Michael Lagrasta says:

What's up my man great videos, do you recommend anything for explosive exercises for triceps?

charlie marley says:

At 1:53 Is that elbow positioning optimal in terms of safety? I know it's a lot harder to get that tucked elbow position since your arms are further out front than standard pushups. It just looked to me like that's the exact flared position we generally avoid with pushups.

Stefan Mijušković says:

1 – 1:48
2 – 2:32
3 – 3:41
4 – 5:10

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