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海芬 Haifa says:

Giiiiiirrrrrl 🔥 you are on my vision board! Your body is fire and we all wanting that bootèè 😂 all the love ❤️

James Snyder says:

Don't touch me awwww weeeee ❤ you have my heart

Nahee says:

I just started working out a week ago. Your videos are super helpful and motivational!!!! I cannot thank you more. ❤❤

Guinness SyFy says:

When you do you RDLS pick your head up. You're going to hurt yourself eventually.

Everything isPolitics says:

Are the weights in kg or ibs pls?

👑 TikTok Queens 👑 says:

Wait 3 instead of 4

Andres Martinez says:

You both are so beautiful ❤❤❤

Gavin Fry says:

Yo I saw your quad vid and you should try replacing the split squat with a heel elevated squat or put that front foot in the split squatfarther back because normal split squats target more gluten and hamies

Adaptive Skillz says:

I have visions of murdering that kitty

Adaptive Skillz says:

my fav I'd be nervous to meet you

Tashay Gilbert says:

dedicated workout and good genetics.

Meow Zah says:

So how and why did you start working out? Like how’d you learn? School sports or something?

Wejdan Mastoor says:

Is there any benefit from bringing your one foot up in hip thrust ?

Harper blurb says:

How long have you been working out for?

Toshi x says:

not me not being able to all of these bc of my ankle injury. 😭 but once it heals ill be back to it

Shell’s Fitness Journey says:

But you had that butt before you began working out though so now are you just keeping it maintained?

T Hutch says:

How can I get my video this clear?

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