Top 5 Ab Exercises (FROM HOME)

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S_Squad999 says:

does my bed count for a soft surface

monic says:

if u want a 5 best abs exercise then go to my link i will teach you to gain faster!

Sachin Xettri says:


RPD BU8 says:

What is your waist size? I heard from Bodybuilders if you do too much oblique training, it makes your waist bigger : |

augusto cordeiro says:

i feel russian twists dont work abs as much.

Christopher Carrico says:

Saved! Wham bam, Yes ma'am! I will watch this video a lot cause I need to do this. Limited on resources, but you inspire me and I wanna be like you, not just because I like you, its because I should look good because I am good lookin you know what Im sayin. I aint just tryna have the face 😂

Luis Martinez says:

Hi Dan, how many sets and reps do you recommend per exercise?


I gonna do it thanks u make so easy

Jhon Gia says:

Can you put a link for the young la shorts please?:D

Anjel Barateli says:


Jhon Gia says:

I couldn’t find your shirt online

Kezang Nenda says:

You haven't mentioned the no. of reaps to be done for each exercise and recommended rounds. Thus, would be glad if you specify that.

Keith G says:

Hey Dam love all your gym gear can you put a comment on what your wearing each video

Logical Fallacy Detector says:

What body fat percentage should you be at to be visible ?

Prabhu Kumar A.L. says:

Your body is developed awesomely proportionate! Go for it dude what are you waiting for? —> Modelling, Movie Star,…. Best Wishes!

Will Cox says:

Thanks for good instructions.

Monica Meeks says:

Very sexy😜

Fitness Search says:

Shave your armpit… Gross!

Danielle Montgomery says:

Hi your cute and I'll start doing this

Bhausaheb Khule says:

Good Video Sir👍

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