Top 5 Gluteus Medius Exercises

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These are the top 5 exercises for the gluteus medius based on EMG activation. Be aware that not only EMG activation should guide you in the selection of an exercise!

“Krachtraining en coordinatie”:
“Strength Training and coordination”:


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Patrick Jacobus says:

Hi, may I know how to stretch this muscle after the training?

blanks power says:

can girls too do this exercice?

sandeep Kumar says:

Sir does gluteus pain rotate to groin penis and testicles and pelvic. If it does
Please suggest exercise to cure it .
I'll be very thankful to u for this.

Anthony Khoury says:

I have a question, should I do those exercices in both legs or just in right leg

Richa Drall says:

Can these exercises be done before a hip workout?

Timothy Acedo says:

The hip abductor machine works well too. I dont see alot of men working these muscles and I learned the hard way by patellar knee pain from squatting.

Nick Paul says:

Dont need the science,exercise first then talk science later

Kanti Adhikari says:

Really v.good exercise, I feel. Thanku sir 👍

Pramod Reddy Manne says:

Wow ….Best exercise… just the 1st exercise itself made my glutes strong…. Take a bow ….

Darren Morgan says:

He sounds like Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 I MUST BREAK YOU

coldworld5 says:

My gluteus medius is always sore and tight, but I don’t know if they’re weak or tight

colby does it all says:

Bro my man gots idubbbz content cop theme

La Reina says:

Whoa! I had no idea I was so weak… That side bridge with a leg raised was hard😫 Will definitely use this video to work on this muscle!

Sammy Pinkie says:

Your voice is really hot and you're cute 🥺

SuperIrene85 says:

In some of them I can't feel the medium glute. Why?

L seo says:

I've been having trouble with matching my gluteus medius growth with my gluteus maximus growth. I tried this today on each leg for about twenty reps and about four sets and My glutes are on fire. I will see how it goes. thank you!!


4:05 side flank explanation

Victor Thaler says:

First and foremost, Great Video! I don't have knock knees: If I put my knees/feet together while i am standing my legs are perfectly straight and touch each other. But while im walking I have a tendency that my knees cave inwards. Is the Gluteus Medius the key to addressing this problem ?
Best regards

Harsh Singh says:

Sir my right glutes is smaller than the left glutes. What should I do ?

The Older Adult Physio says:

Single leg deadlift is the absolute top for me! Also like to progress it by adding a theraband giving some medial deviation of the knee.

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